Philippines: demonstration against the Marcos clan for the anniversary of the 1986 revolution

The Philippines celebrates, Sunday February 25, the anniversary of the end of the dictatorship.

In 1986, a large popular movement ended Ferdinand Marcos' two decades of power.

But his son, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., now president, refused to declare the day a holiday, as is tradition.

Popular mobilization also aims to oppose a constitutional reform which could, according to its detractors, strengthen the power of the current head of state and his family.

Thousands of demonstrators marched in Manila, Philippines, on Saturday February 25, 2024 to mark the 38th anniversary of the revolt that led to the fall of dictator Ferdinand Marcos.


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With our special correspondent in Manila


Nicolas Rocca

EDSA (Epifanio de los Santos Avenue), a gigantic avenue surrounding the Philippine capital Manila, was filled with thousands of demonstrators on February 25.

They came to celebrate

the anniversary of the 1986 revolution,

 also called the “ 

People Power

 ” revolution, “ 

This event symbolizes the end of dictatorship, corruption and human rights violations at the time

 ,” explains opposition MP France L. Castro.

Jan, a civil servant in his sixties, remembers this historic moment which saw the fall of the couple formed by Ferdinand and

Imelda Marcos

, after more than twenty years in power: “ 

It was a much bigger movement than today, but the The spirit is still there.

We were able to overthrow a dictator then, and we will again.

 » An allusion to the former despot's son,

Ferdinand Marcos Jr., known as Bongbong Marcos

, who succeeded

Rodrigo Duterte

as president in June 2022.

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The government is seeking to implement constitutional reform.

He essentially wants to change certain provisions of the Constitution to stay in power.

There are also economic changes planned to open the Philippine economy to the control of foreign investors

 ,” Jan continued.

In the procession, many people fear that, under the cover of promises of economic development, this reform will be to the detriment of the population.

But above all they fear that it will allow Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and his family to keep power beyond the six years of single mandate provided for by the Constitution.

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