On the 24th, marking two years since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Italy and Canada each concluded an agreement with Ukraine to ensure long-term security and to continue providing military support to Ukraine. I have confirmed.

Prime Minister Meloni of Italy, which holds the G7 Presidency, and Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada visited Ukraine on the 24th, and each met with President Zelenskiy and concluded an agreement to ensure the long-term security of Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainian side, the agreement with Canada states that it will provide additional military aid of 3.02 billion Canadian dollars, or 336.9 billion yen in Japanese yen, during this year.

In addition, the agreement with Italy includes long-term military and financial support, but the specific amount is not specified, and the period of the law providing support is extended. We plan to continue our support this year as well.

The previous day, on the 23rd, Ukraine concluded an agreement with Denmark.

These agreements are based on the joint declaration of the G7 (G7) in July last year, and have already been signed by the United Kingdom, Germany, and France, bringing the total number of countries that have signed agreements to six.