France: in Antibes, three orcas worry animal rights activists

In Antibes, at the Marineland water park, three orcas worry animal rights activists.

A law provides for the end of their captivity in 2026, but the park plans to send the orcas to another park, in Japan.

The One Voice association mobilized this Sunday, February 25 against this extension of their captivity.

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An orca in the Marineland park in Antibes, on the Côte d'Azur, in the south-east of France, in 2016. AFP - VALERY HACHE

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With our special correspondent in Antibes,

Siam Spencer

Impossible to miss the demonstration when passing Marineland.

Cars are encouraged to honk their horns to show support.

On the signs of the fifty One Voice activists, the message is simple: “ 

A sanctuary, not Japan.


Some here have been mobilizing for years to end the captivity of this family of orcas: Inouk, Wiki, and Keijo.

A law provides for the end of their captivity for 2026.

But, problem: Marineland plans to send them to another water park in Japan, explains Corinne, coordinator at One Voice:

The stress of the trip, Inouk's very worrying state of health, the pace of the shows in Japan, which is much more sustained than here.

The association is campaigning for a semi-liberty retreat in Canada, “ 

which would allow them to feel the currents, to be able to interact with live fish, to feed on living food


The park parking lots are quite empty.

Valérie, her daughter Emma and their entire family come out.

We saw sea lions, dolphins, sharks, lots of fish

,” said this mother.

Was something missing?


Yes, there are no more orcs.

It’s missing, obviously.


We came for the children, but I find it horrible to see the conditions in which all the animals are.

An independent assessment is underway to assess whether or not Marineland's orcas can be moved to Japan.

Listen againThe orca, female predation


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