Demonstration of Polish farmers on the German border

Polish farmers demonstrate on the German border.

Mobilized for several weeks at the border with Ukraine to protest against imports of Ukrainian products which are flooding their country's market, it is this time in the west that they have blocked the roads within the EU itself. .

A German federal police officer at the Polish border near Forst, late 2023 (illustrative photo).


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With our correspondent in Warsaw,

Martin Chabal

This is the first time that Polish farmers have blocked a road on the borders of another European Union country since the start of their protest movement.

If the demands are mainly the same, that is to say against the European Green Deal and against imports from non-EU countries, this time they hope to rekindle the anger of German and Dutch farmers.

Their goal is to show that the fight they are waging at the Ukrainian border concerns all farmers within the European Union, that if prices fall in Poland because of Ukrainian cereals, they could also fall in Germany. in the coming months.

And these farmers who blocked the border post on Sunday hope that they will be supported by their European colleagues.

The latter already expressed their anger at the beginning of the month.

They had initially planned to block the road for almost 20 days, but after long negotiations with transport companies, they concluded that they will break camp within 24 hours, that is to say this Monday in early afternoon.

Polish farmers still plan to demonstrate their anger in Warsaw on Tuesday, and should be joined by coal miners, also affected by the new directives of the European Green Deal.

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