Chad: call for a dead day to protest against the cost of living

In Chad, the coalition of some political parties and civil society called “We People” is calling on the Chadian population to carry out a “ghost town” operation on Monday, February 26 throughout the territory to demonstrate against the increase in prices. 

General view of a street in Ndjamena, Chad, April 21, 2021. (Illustrative image) © Djimet Wiche / AFP

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, this action of a dead city on Monday, at the call of the “We the people” coalition, aims to demand that the Chadian government find solutions to the multiple ills, and especially to the high cost of living and the -state governance.

The appeal was launched during a press conference which took place on Saturday February 24 in Ndjamena, the country's capital.

Yaya Dillo Djérou Bétchi is one of the spokespersons for this coalition.

The junta takes pleasure in further deepening the already gaping wound 

in the daily life of Chadians


We deemed it useful, initially, to provide our full support and to call on the Chadians to observe this dead city in a severe manner, in order to send a strong message to the junta that we are not a cowardly and that we are not going to let ourselves be trampled

,” he assures at the microphone of

Olivier Monodji, 

correspondent in Ndjamena.

Above all, it is up to the traders to close all the shops, to the transporters to park the vehicles and show that we are ready to dedicate a short day to save our lives which, certainly, given the precariousness of many Chadians, many households, will do harm.

But we are aware that if we let the junta continue in this way, it will torture us even more for decades to come

,” he confides.

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