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Visiting the aisles of the Salon de l'Agriculture, the president of the RN Jordan Bardella hammered home his ambition to "change software" at the European level.

“I am campaigning for economic patriotism and to get out of free trade agreements,” added the head of the RN list in the European elections.

Jordan Bardella began a two-day visit to the Salon de l'Agriculture on Sunday morning, immediately hammering home his ambition to "change software" at the European level, the day after the very agitated inauguration of the Salon by Emmanuel Macron.

The president of the National Rally, head of the far-right party list and leading the polls for the European elections in June, arrived shortly before 10:00 a.m. at Porte de Versailles, in Paris.


Tense exchanges, reinforced police protection... Story of Emmanuel Macron's chaotic visit to the Salon de l'Agriculture

“We need to change software” for French agriculture, declared Jordan Bardella.

"Obviously, there is the question of income and work. But our farmers must be competitive. However, by being put in competition with products or sectors which do not respect any of the standards" imposed on them, "it "It's very complicated," he said.

“I campaign for economic patriotism and to get out of free trade agreements.”

Because if in theory "trade agreements can be beneficial to French agriculture", "each time (...) it is to our disadvantage", added the MEP.

“We can also push the European Union from within”

Asked about Emmanuel Macron, who spoke on Saturday of "people" demonstrating at the Salon "with a political project which is to serve the National Rally", the president of the RN replied: "I am not here to argue. I think that he clearly no longer has the sensors of the country of which he is president. And he probably does not realize the suffering that his policies cause.”

“When the President of the Republic yesterday defended the principle, basically, of floor prices at the French level, and this text passed into a left-wing niche in the National Assembly, the Macronists out of sectarianism did not vote for it,” said elsewhere declared Jordan Bardella, questioned about the announcements on Saturday by the head of state.

While an interlocutor on a stand asked him if the RN still wanted to leave the European Union, the party boss replied: "we want to change the rules in any case. The European Union, we can push it too inside".

European Union "which has chosen to sell German cars and Airbuses and to make agriculture the adjustment variable", he said.

“Ecology is good, everyone agrees on ecology, but if tomorrow we are in the coffin and our hands are clean, that’s good but we will all be dead,” said he also estimated, denouncing the fact of "depriving farmers of products (phytosanitary, editor's note) when we have no plan B".