Europe 1 with AFP / Photo credits: DIMITAR DILKOFF / AFP 9:35 p.m., February 25, 2024

Gabriel Attal was invited to the Salon de l'Agriculture on Sunday evening, warning against the "media", "political" and "militant" circus, the day after a chaotic inauguration by Emmanuel Macron and the leader's visit on Sunday of the National Rally, Jordan Bardella.

The Prime Minister's visit to the Agricultural Show this Sunday evening was not on his official agenda.

But Gabriel Attal honored with his presence the anniversary dinner given in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Salon, Sunday evening in the "La Serre" space in the presence of the main leaders of the sector, after the site closed to the public.


- “He should have postponed”: at the Agricultural Show, Emmanuel Macron's visit annoyed visitors

The executive is keen to occupy the ground after the previously unpublished images of a very disrupted opening of the show, against the backdrop of a farmers' crisis which has lasted for more than a month: clashes between law enforcement and opposing farmers at the arrival of the Head of State, improvised and tense debate between Emmanuel Macron and a few farmers, considerable police presence.

All while Jordan Bardella walked the aisles in a normal atmosphere, contrasting with the images of the day before.

“The show is neither a media circus, nor a political circus, nor an activist circus”

But "the French are not fooled by anything. Neither by exploitation, nor by lies, nor by smoke and mirrors", retorted Gabriel Attal on Sunday evening.

“The show is neither a media circus, nor a political circus, nor an activist circus” and “farmers, our animals, our sectors are not a campaign setting” as the Europeans approach, insisted the Prime Minister. minister, who then defended his record and attacked the RN.

“Our enemy is not the foreigner, it is the law of the unbridled market.”

And "you who are agricultural professionals, you know better than anyone that this agricultural exception must in no case be a closure. Because to give up trading is to condemn our agriculture to sink", he said. declared.

The day before, Emmanuel Macron had been greeted by boos and clashes, but was ultimately able to spend nearly 13 hours in the Salon wandering around and chatting, at the cost of a significant security presence.