Smoke rises as a result of a previous Israeli bombing on the village of Khiam in southern Lebanon (French)

The mutual bombardment between the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Israeli occupation army continued near the Lebanese border, and while Israeli media reported a plan to evacuate about 60,000 residents of Galilee towns, Defense Minister Yoav Galant threatened to intensify the bombing of Hezbollah, even if a temporary truce was reached with them. Gaza.

Lebanese Hezbollah announced that its fighters targeted “a gathering of Israeli enemy soldiers in the vicinity of the Marj site with a Burkan missile,” and said: “We achieved a direct hit.”

The party also announced that it had carried out 5 operations against Israeli targets in the Upper Galilee and inside the occupied Shebaa Farms.

The party said that it targeted 3 houses where Israeli soldiers were stationed in the Al-Malikiyah and Al-Manara settlements, confirming that direct hits had been achieved.

The party bombed with rockets and artillery shells the Israeli occupation artillery positions and a position for its soldiers in the south of the Kiryat Shmona settlement.

It also targeted, with two Falaq 1 missiles, the Zibdin barracks in the occupied Shebaa Farms, and bombed a gathering of soldiers in the vicinity of the Ramim barracks.

On the other hand, Israeli warplanes launched raids on the town of Blida in southern Lebanon, and Israeli artillery bombed the surroundings of several border towns.

Hezbollah mourned 3 of its fighters.

In a statement on its account on the X platform, the Israeli army said that one of its drones spotted a group leaving a military building belonging to Hezbollah, in the Blida area.

He added: "Fighter planes bombed the cell and two other military buildings in the area."

A short while ago, Al Jazeera's correspondent reported that the occupation launched a raid on the vicinity of the town of Al-Dhahira, south of Lebanon.

The Israeli army also said that it intercepted, earlier today, Sunday, "a suspicious air target that crossed the border from Lebanon into Israel in the Galilee Finger area."

Gallant stressed the continuation of the bombing of southern Lebanon until Hezbollah withdraws beyond the Litani River (French)

Evacuation plan and threat

On the other hand, Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper revealed that the Israeli government is expected to extend a plan to evacuate about 60,000 residents of Galilee towns for about 5 months, ending on July 7, in anticipation of the outbreak of war with Hezbollah, according to the newspaper.

This comes at a time when Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant threatened to intensify Hezbollah's bombing in Lebanon, even if a temporary truce is reached with the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in the Gaza Strip, which is being discussed under the auspices of several regional and Western countries.

This came in a video speech by Gallant, during his visit to the headquarters of the Northern Region Command in Safed, in the Upper Galilee, near the border with Lebanon.

Gallant said: “I arrived at the Northern Command today (Sunday), after a weekend full of events, during which the Israeli army attacked and struck Hezbollah.”

He added: "I came to examine how we can intensify our firepower and our readiness to act against Hezbollah, everywhere and with increasing intensity."

Gallant continued: "We are targeting activists, and we are targeting Hezbollah leaders, and they are looking for others to replace them. I can tell you that I do not see any volunteers. Everyone is afraid. We will go ahead and strike them," according to his claim.

Gallant said: "We will intensify the firing in the north even if a truce is concluded in Gaza until Hezbollah surrenders."

He added: "If there is someone here who thinks that when we reach an agreement to release the kidnapped people in the south (Gaza) and the fires stop temporarily, this will mitigate what is happening here, then he is wrong."

Galant added: "We will continue to fire, and we will intensify it independently of the south until we achieve our goals."

He explained: "The goal is simple: to pull Hezbollah to where it should be, either by agreement, or we will do it by force."

Gallant has previously vowed, on more than one occasion, to remove Hezbollah beyond the Litani River in southern Lebanon, through a political settlement or through military action.

In the wake of a devastating Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, Hezbollah and Palestinian factions in Lebanon have exchanged intermittent bombardments with the Israeli army on a daily basis since October 8, resulting in deaths and injuries on both sides, in addition to casualties among Lebanese civilians.

Source: Al Jazeera + Anatolia