A liner immobilized off the coast of Mauritius due to health risks

Since Saturday evening, the

Norwegian Dawn

has been stranded off the coast of Mauritius with more than 2,000 passengers on board and more than a thousand crew members.

Mauritius health authorities took samples on board the ship on Saturday and Sunday.

Results are expected Tuesday.

In the meantime, no one can leave the ship.

The “Norwegian Dawn” has been stopped since Saturday off the coast of Port-Louis.

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With our correspondent in Port-Louis,

Abdoollah Earally 


Norwegian Dawn

liner has been stationary off the coast of Port-Louis since Saturday evening, February 24.

It is blocked by the Mauritian authorities who prohibit any access or departure from the ship.

They fear the presence of a contagious disease on board.

The 2,182 passengers, of 53 different nationalities, as well as the thousand crew members, are awaiting the decision of the Mauritian health services, a decision expected by Tuesday at the latest.

The island's health authorities took samples on Saturday and Sunday from passengers and staff of the liner.

Laboratory tests are underway to detect possible infections, including gastroenteritis and cholera.

Represented in Mauritius by IBL Shipping,

Norwegian Dawn

had planned to undertake several regional cruises.

He left Mauritius on February 13 for stopovers in South Africa and Madagascar.

It was then supposed to make a short stopover in Reunion, but anchorage there was refused for health reasons. 

Informed, the Mauritian authorities did not want to take any risks.


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