The German diplomat previously said that no one in Europe believed that sanctions would stop Russia when they were introduced, but “sanctions are important.”

“As they say, none of them thought that a 360 turn would lead to a change in course, it’s just important.

What an amazingly uneducated and frankly narrow-minded representative of Germany.

And she’s not alone, there are hundreds and hundreds of them in EU governments,” Zakharova wrote in her Telegram.

She also recalled the situation when Baerbock shouted into the microphone at a G20 meeting: “Sergey Lavrov, I am addressing you!”

However, according to Zakharova, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry was not in the hall at that moment - instead, a deputy sat, who tried in vain to convince the German diplomat that he was not Lavrov.

Earlier, the head of the German Foreign Ministry said in an interview with journalist Stefan Lambi that she was disappointed with the economic effect of sanctions against Russia.