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Two years of war in Ukraine: peace impossible?

It was two years ago to the day, in the early morning of February 24: after months of tension, verbal escalation and speculation, Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine.

From the promise of a lightning conquest of Ukraine to the first Russian failures, from the first Ukrainian victories to the counter-offensive, where are we today?

Special edition.

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A Ukrainian soldier defends a military position in Avdiivka (illustrative image) AP - Libkos

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The war has become bogged down, trenches have been dug along a front which is moving very little in one direction or the other.

What is the assessment of the

military situation


What prospects for



Is there a risk of Western support fading?

Can Europe switch to a war economy?

What about companies in Ukraine and


over the past two years?

The weariness and fatigue that is setting in on the Ukrainian side, the vice that has tightened on the Russian side. 

This February 24, from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., RFI Matin offers you a special edition presented by 

Julien Coquelle-Roëhm


Our special correspondents

 Anastasia Becchio


Boris Vichith

, live from Kiev, illustrate Ukraine's entry into a third year of war with a series of reports in Lviv, Kiev, Kharkiv and on the military front in Kupiansk.

RFI correspondents in Ukraine,

Stéphane Siohan


Emmanuelle Chaze

, who cover daily news

Ukrainian, will help take stock of these two years of war. 

In Moscow, RFI's permanent special correspondent,

Anissa El Jabri, 

looks back on the two years of this conflict on the Russian side with a particular focus on the repercussions of this war on relations between Kyrgyzstan and Russia.

Finally, in video,

 Arthur Ponchelet 

takes stock of the sanctions hitting Russia. 

Russia: what is the impact of Western sanctions?


Arthur Ponchelet.


The editorial offices in




and Ukrainian also offer special programming, with a series of reports in Russian by 

Serguey Dmitriev

 carried out in Ukraine from Odessa to Kharkiv, via Kherson, Kramatorsk and Kiev.

On its

digital offer in Ukrainian

, RFI offers a series of articles on the post-conflict situation in Ukraine, including the life of displaced people, changes in the media, the experience of dual nationals, foreign fighters and exiles in France.   


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