On the 24th, marking two years since Russia's military invasion, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy gave a speech to the nation at an airport near the capital, Kiiv, saying, ``Putin must be defeated. That is the only way to achieve peace.'' ” he appealed.

On the occasion of the second anniversary of the invasion, President Zelenskiy, together with Prime Minister Meloni of Italy and President von der Leyen of the European Union, who visited Ukraine, gave a speech to the people at the airport in Hostomeli, near the capital Kiv. .

This airport was briefly occupied by the Russian military at the beginning of the invasion, and was recaptured by the Ukrainian side. President Zelenskiy began by saying, ``Today we are in a symbolic place. This is the place where President Putin suffered his first defeat.'' ” he said.

He added, ``Ukraine has never given up on its independence. The world supports Ukraine without making a mistake. We would like to thank our friends, partners and the world.''

President Zelenskiy then emphasized that ``Russian madness cannot control this country. I am proud of all our soldiers who are defeating the Russian invaders,'' adding, ``Putin, like here in Hostomeli, "We must be defeated on all counts. That is the only way to achieve peace."