Nikki Haley and Donald Trump are running in the Republican Party primaries (Reuters)

Former US President Donald Trump and former Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley - on Friday - called on their supporters to mobilize strongly during the Republican primary elections in South Carolina on Saturday.

Trump hopes to "crush" his rival Haley in the state that she ruled for a long time. The former president told his supporters during an election rally in this southeastern state, "Tomorrow you will participate in one of the most important elections in your lives."

There are only two prominent candidates remaining in the Republican Party primary elections, which will lead to the nomination of one person from the party for the US presidential elections next November, and Trump is the most likely candidate to face Haley, the former governor of South Carolina.

The 50-year-old candidate urges conservatives to choose “a new generation of conservative leaders” instead of “four more years of Trump chaos,” as she puts it, but so far she has lost the primaries to Trump in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada.

Haley hopes to perform better today, Saturday, in South Carolina than opinion polls expect, which put her about 30 points behind her competitor.

"Tomorrow she's going to have a really bad day because she's not a good person," Trump said, anticipating a massive victory. The former president added to his supporters, "We're going to win this state, and then we're going to tell Joe Biden that he's fired."

For her part, Haley told her supporters, "Everyone should go to vote," and added, "Bring 5 people with you and make sure to tell your neighbors and family. Bring them to the polls."

Source: Agencies