Efe Seville


Updated Saturday, February 24, 2024-16:12

The Ministry of Health has detected

three cases of monkeypox in the family

in Seville - two adults and a child under six years of age - in a mild manner and has activated prevention measures this Saturday in the educational center where the minor attends, has reported in a statement.

Due to its possible impact on the school environment, the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs and the Ministry of Educational Development have summoned the parents of the minor's classmates this Saturday to inform them about the actions that are going to be carried out at the center. as well as the prevention measures to take against this disease.

A message of reassurance has also been conveyed to parents since, according to the accumulated experience with this virus, the disease generally presents mild symptoms.

The way Mpox is transmitted is, fundamentally, through

prolonged and close physical contact

, or through the secretions of the infected person, according to the Ministry, which has specified that a person without symptoms cannot transmit the virus, so the probability contagion in the school environment is low.

As a preventive measure, it is recommended that students in the affected class reinforce measures such as

frequent hand hygiene

, reducing social interactions as much as possible (class attendance is not included here), and constantly using a mask until the 12th. March (date on which it is estimated that there would no longer be a possibility of contagion).

Contagion requires prolonged and close physical contact, so there is no risk in other extracurricular activities that the minor may have carried out, according to the Ministry of Health and Educational Development.

In the same way that it proceeds with other infections, such as hepatitis A, chickenpox, and due to the special protection that is always sought at these ages, Salud recommends vaccination against Mpox as soon as possible and exclusively to the minor's classmates. in order to increase its effectiveness.

To this end, the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) makes the Virgen Macarena University Hospital available to these parents, where their children can be vaccinated starting this Saturday without an appointment.

In addition, from Monday, the SAS will contact each of the parents to remind them of the prevention measures.

Likewise, the Department of Educational Development and Vocational Training, in collaboration with the city council, will adopt specific measures to disinfect the cleaning and ventilation classroom.