Da Silva has become an “undesirable person” for Israel (European Archives)

Brazilian President Lula da Silva repeated his strong statements regarding the war on Gaza, stressing that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians, which is what he said about a week ago when he likened the occupation’s actions to Nazi genocide.

Da Silva said in a new post on the

The Brazilian president added, "What the Israeli government is doing is not war, it is genocide. Children and women are being killed."

Da Silva expressed the same position yesterday, Friday, when he said during an event in Rio de Janeiro, "There are thousands of dead children, and thousands of missing people."

He continued, saying, "It is not the soldiers who are dying, but women and children in the hospital. If this is not genocide, then I do not know what is."

This is the Brazilian president's first reaction since the controversy sparked by his likening of the Israeli attack on Gaza to the "Nazi Holocaust."

Blinken (left) informed da Silva that Washington rejects his statements regarding Israel (Reuters)

His statements angered Israel, which last Monday declared him “persona non grata,” summoned the Brazilian ambassador and demanded an apology.

In return, da Silva summoned his country's ambassador to Israel for consultations.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken informed the Brazilian President - during their meeting at the G20 foreign ministers' meeting in Rio de Janeiro a few days ago - that the United States rejects his statements regarding Israel, according to a senior US State Department official.

Since the Al-Aqsa Flood operation carried out by the Palestinian resistance on October 7, Israel has been waging a devastating war on Gaza that has led to the death of more than 29,000 Palestinians and the injury of more than 69,000 others, according to data from the Palestinian authorities, and most of the victims are children and women.

Israel is facing increasing international legal pressure as a result of the war, as it was held accountable for the first time before the International Court of Justice on charges of committing genocide against the Palestinians in a case brought by South Africa.

The court issued a decision on January 26 obligating Israel to take “temporary measures” to protect the Palestinians in Gaza until the content of the case is decided, and also demanded that it comply with the Genocide Convention.

Source: Al Jazeera + Associated Press