Alexei Navalny was described as the most prominent opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin (Reuters)

It was announced today, Saturday, that the body of Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny has been handed over to his family, more than a week after his sudden death in prison.

Kira Yarmysh, spokeswoman for the late opposition figure, said on the

A week ago, Russian authorities said that Navalny collapsed during a period of exercise in the prison yard in freezing temperatures, and died despite attempts to revive him.

The West wants to conduct a full investigation into the death of Navalny, who was described as the most prominent opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

US President Joe Biden held his Russian counterpart Putin responsible for Navalny's death.

Biden has imposed new sanctions on Russia against the backdrop of Navalny's death, and recently said, "He announced the imposition of more than 500 new sanctions against Russia, due to its ongoing war to invade Ukraine and because of the death of Navalny, who was a courageous anti-corruption activist and the fiercest opposition leader to Russian President Vladimir Putin."

“These sanctions will target individuals connected to Navalny’s imprisonment, as well as Russia’s financial sector, defense industrial base, procurement networks, and sanctions evaders across multiple continents,” Biden added. “They will ensure that Putin pays a heavy price for his aggression abroad and repression at home.”

Biden met Navalny's wife and daughter in California last Thursday.

Source: Agencies