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CDU top candidate Mario Voigt doesn't want to be with the left

Photo: Jacob Schröter / IMAGO

The Thuringian CDU top candidate Mario Voigt has ruled out a coalition with the Left Party after the state elections in September.

There will also be no alliance with the AfD.

The 47-year-old said this at a state representative meeting of his party in Ilmenau.

In doing so, Voigt countered suggestions that the CDU would have to take new paths in order to prevent an AfD prime minister, given the foreseeable difficult majority situation.

In this sense, Voigt's predecessor Mike Mohring made statements regarding the Left Party.

The CDU passed an incompatibility resolution at its Hamburg party conference in December 2018.

It says: "The CDU in Germany rejects coalitions and similar forms of cooperation with both the Left Party and the Alternative for Germany."

Ramelow under pressure

Since 2020, a red-red-green coalition has ruled the Erfurt state parliament with left-wing Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow at the head.

However, a new edition currently appears to be out of the question.

In surveys, the AfD is clearly ahead with values ​​between 31 and 36 percent.

The CDU comes to 20 to 23 percent.

The Left Party would therefore only be the third strongest force with 15 to 17 percent.

Voigt reiterated that the CDU stands for a change in policy.

The red-red-green state government is tired and weak.

"I want this government to be voted out." Thuringia has fallen behind in comparison to other federal states in terms of economic growth and education, among other things.

Voigt also warned: “We have to get immigration under control.”

State list with 88 places

With 91.7 percent of the vote, Voigt was elected to first place on his party's state list in Ilmenau.

The list includes a total of 88 places - this corresponds to the number of seats in the state parliament.

State parliament member Beate Meißner is running for second place.

Voigt called on the delegates to reflect on their own strengths.

“Let’s not talk so much about others this year,” he demanded.