Sharp criticism of the Biden administration for its involvement in unconditional support for Israel (Reuters)

Writer Piotr Somlar said, in a report published by the French newspaper Le Monde, that Washington, Ukrainian Avdiivka, and Gaza are considered three theaters of international crises, and the common denominator between them is that they are a real test of the West’s credibility and unity.

Due to the US Congress facing difficulties in directing military aid to Ukraine and the heavy losses caused by the Israeli war on Gaza, a gloomy atmosphere prevails in Western regimes.

The Le Monde report explained that indicators reveal that liberal democracies are going through a moment of existential doubt and weakness, such that they seem to have no voice when it comes to examining values, and in return they are focusing only on highlighting their strength.

According to the writer, part of this gloomy atmosphere comes from Washington, as the possibility of Donald Trump ascending to the presidency again raises great fears in the hearts of the United States’ allies.


Regarding Ukraine, what the Europeans fear most is that Trump - if he wins - will abandon support for Kiev, as many Republicans consider that “the war in Ukraine is not an American affair.”

Somlar reported that the redirection of American strategic attention towards Asia is reflected in Congress by obstructing the new aid package for Ukraine.

In the House of Representatives, a minority of a few dozen Republican elected officials is working to block a vote on the $60 billion financial package that has been approved in the Senate.

The writer continued that regardless of what may happen in the American elections, Europeans must prepare to live without the United States by their side.

He added that Moscow understood well these Western weaknesses and the Ukrainian army's significant ammunition shortage, so it was exploiting this hesitation to achieve gains on the front.

The Biden administration is isolated

The writer stated that, similarly, the credibility of the United States was undermined by the tragedy experienced by Palestinian civilians in Gaza. More than 29,000 people were martyred, and Washington fell into unconditional support for the Israeli government, which left the United States in bitter diplomatic isolation.

The Le Monde report added that the Palestinians have the right to "bemoan" the little attention that Americans pay to their fate, compared to the Ukrainian civilians who are victims of the Russian war.

The difference in tone and strategy of US action in both cases is stark, as Le Monde confirms.

Source: Le Monde