Rapid Support Forces in Darfur after controlling it (French)

The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its rejection of what it described as false accusations included in a statement issued by the US State Department yesterday, Friday, accusing the government of Sudan of obstructing the arrival of humanitarian aid to civilians in the country.

The Sudanese Foreign Ministry said in a statement that it was surprised by what was stated in the US State Department statement, which it said “avoided issuing a clear and clear condemnation of the terrorist militia responsible for the crimes of genocide, ethnic cleansing, sexual violence, and crimes against humanity in Sudan, despite the administration and legislative institution of the United States acknowledging the occurrence of these violations.” .

The ministry said that the US State Department's statement "sought in an arbitrary manner to distribute condemnation, by involving the Sudanese Armed Forces, the national army supported by the entire Sudanese people, in matters unrelated to it."

She explained that the American statement ignored the fact that the militias are spreading on the Sudanese-Chadian border, and “it is the main crossing point for weapons and equipment that the militia uses to kill the Sudanese people,” according to the statement.

The Ministry affirmed the Sudanese government’s commitment to the Jeddah Declaration of Humanitarian Principles, and expressed its welcome “for the US State Department to recall this document signed on May 11, 2023.”

The Sudanese Foreign Ministry criticized what it described as "the American administration's hesitant positions regarding the militias' disavowal of the Jeddah Declaration and its failure to take decisive steps regarding the militia's atrocities since that time, and its contradictory messages in this regard."

He said that American hesitation contributed to the failure to achieve the desired results of the Jeddah Declaration, which would have contained the humanitarian crisis and paved the way for an end to the fighting in Sudan.

Arrest of members of the Bashir family

Also regarding the Sudanese issue, a civil organization called the “Darfur Lawyers Association” called on the Rapid Support Forces to immediately release 5 people from the family of deposed President Omar Al-Bashir, who it said were arrested in the village of Sarasar in Al-Jazeera state in central Sudan yesterday, Friday.

In a statement today, Saturday, the Authority held the Rapid Support Forces responsible for the arrest, which it described as “kidnapping,” as long as it took place in areas under the control of those forces or because of their entry into those areas.

The statement quoted the former head of the National Commission for Human Rights in Sudan, Iman Fath al-Rahman, as saying that “a Rapid Support Force kidnapped 3 of the nephews of former President Omar al-Bashir and one of her grandchildren yesterday, Friday.” She also confirmed that the Rapid Support Forces were arresting another person from the Bashir family - His name was not mentioned - since the beginning of the military operations.

Since last April 15, Sudan has witnessed military confrontations between the army led by Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and the Rapid Support Forces led by his deputy, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo (Hemedti), which resulted in the deaths of 13,900 people, according to a United Nations statement published yesterday, Friday.

The fighting led to about 8.1 million people fleeing their homes in Sudan, including about 6.3 million inside Sudan and 1.8 million who fled outside the country, according to United Nations estimates.

Source: Sudanese News + Al Jazeera