Erdogan speaking in front of an election rally in Sakarya state, northern Türkiye (Anatolia)

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticized the international community for remaining inactive regarding the Israeli massacres that have been continuing for 140 days in the Gaza Strip, and for not making any meaningful effort to stop this brutality.

In a speech delivered by the Turkish President - today, Saturday - in front of an election rally in the state of Sakarya, northern Turkey, as part of preparations for the local elections expected at the end of next March, Erdogan said that the world is content with watching Israel’s crimes against humanity for 140 days, “to the point that the UN Security Council does not invite it.” To an immediate ceasefire, but it is not possible to do so.”

Erdogan added, "The Western powers and the Security Council did not make a meaningful effort to stop the Israeli brutality," noting that the Western powers continue to provide all types of weapons support to the occupying Israeli army.

The Israeli occupation is waging an aggression against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip that has, as of Saturday, left 29,606 martyrs and 69,737 injured, most of them children and women, in addition to thousands missing under the rubble.

Source: Anadolu Agency