In an interview with NHK, a person in charge of a unit that protects Ukraine's eastern front line, where Russia is intensifying its offensive, stated that, given the shortage of ammunition and weapons, the use of unmanned aircraft will be essential to overcome the current situation. Ta.

Mr. Serhiy Diblov, media officer of the 21st Independent Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, responded to an online interview with NHK.

Mr. Diblob's unit is located in Liman, Donetsk Oblast, one of the eastern front lines where the Russian military is intensifying its offensive.

Commenting on the current war situation, Diblov said, ``Russian troops continue to attack in an attempt to enter the city of Liman and into Ukrainian territory, but the situation has not changed for the past seven or eight months.'' He also recognized that the defense was successful.

On the other hand, Dybrob said, ``Ammunition is always in short supply. If we had more ammunition, we would have a greater advantage. The best thing we can do to protect ourselves now is to bring in more drones.'' "With ammunition and weapons in short supply, the use of unmanned aircraft will be essential to overcome the current situation," he said.

He also noted that on the front lines, weapons provided by Western countries are being effectively used, and that the performance of weapons and military equipment provided by Sweden, a Scandinavian country, such as the CV90 infantry fighting vehicle, is particularly excellent. .

He said, "It's very safe and effective. It's on a different level compared to Russian and Soviet-made products. The soldiers are very grateful to Sweden."

When asked how they will fight in the future as support from the West is being pointed out to be dwindling, Mr. DiBlob replied, ``We have to be prepared for support such as ammunition to decrease.However, we will continue to fight under any circumstances.'' "We are going to fight. This is a matter of the survival of the country of Ukraine and our compatriots," he said, emphasizing that he would continue to fight to the fullest.