China News Service, Toronto, February 23 (Reporter Yu Ruidong) On the second anniversary of the escalation of the Ukraine crisis, the Canadian government announced additional sanctions against Russia on the 23rd.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau also promised that Canada will continue to support Ukraine.

  Trudeau said that since the beginning of 2022, the total value of Canada’s assistance in various fields committed to Ukraine has exceeded 9.7 billion Canadian dollars, including military assistance worth 2.4 billion Canadian dollars.

  Canada's military assistance to Ukraine includes howitzers, "Leopard 2" tanks, hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition, thermal clothing, body armor and fuel.

Through "Operation Unified" launched in 2015, Canada has provided training for more than 40,000 Ukrainian military personnel.

In addition, Canada has also pledged to provide billions of Canadian dollars in loans and hundreds of millions of Canadian dollars in humanitarian and development assistance funds for Ukraine's reconstruction and recovery.

  Recently, Canadian Defense Minister Blair announced that Canada will donate another 60 million Canadian dollars to the "Air Force Capabilities Alliance" of the "Ukraine Defense Liaison Group" led by the United States to support Ukraine in establishing a "sustainable" F-16 fighter combat capability. .

Later, Blair announced that Canada would donate more than 800 multi-mission drone systems worth more than 95 million Canadian dollars to Ukraine.

  The Canadian government also announced on the 23rd that in coordination with the United Kingdom and the United States, it would impose sanctions on Russia and 10 individuals and 153 entities that support Russia.

Since February 2022, Canada has imposed sanctions on Russia and more than 2,400 individuals and entities that support Russia.

  Canada also announced a ban on the export to Russia of designated goods that can be used to manufacture weapons and serve in military operations against Ukraine.

The ban applies to explosives, including detonators, suitable for use in the mining and construction industries.

  The Russian Embassy in Canada responded that, like all previous such measures, another round of sanctions from the Trudeau cabinet was "meaningless."

Russian citizens and institutions "don't care" about this.