When Austria elected a new parliament in 2019, the Greens achieved the best result in their history.

The Eco Party ended up with almost 14 percent.

The election winner at the time, ÖVP leader Sebastian Kurz, promptly brought the Greens into government.

Since then, the black-green coalition has ruled together in the National Council - and is one of the most unpopular alliances the country has ever had.

This is mainly due to the crisis in the ÖVP since the resignation of its former shooting star Sebastian Kurz.

But also to the Greens.

They have lost over five percentage points in current surveys compared to the 2019 election.

And this despite the fact that the Greens' core issues virtually dominate the world situation: climate crisis, shift to the right - all problems that the eco-party has made it its mission to combat.

Nevertheless, the Greens do not seem to be able to score points with their projects in parliament.

In this episode of Inside Austria we look at the Greens in Austria and Germany.

We want to know why the Greens are facing so much headwind even though their core competencies are actually in demand given the world situation.

Why is the Eco Party in particular being met with more and more hatred and violence?

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