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  • TV Survivors 2024: list of confirmed contestants

Well into the 90s, there was a proliferation of

female faces on television

that became essential for every successful small screen program and that used to form a good television couple along with names like Andoni Ferreño, Agustín Bravo, Liborio García. .. Among those girls,

Arancha del Sol stands out,

the Asturian who amazed everyone with her character and who has not shown her head on the small screen for many years.

But that is going to change, since she is now confirmed as a new contestant for



The first time people began to talk about

Arancha del Sol


in 1991,

thanks to his work in

El Precio Justo


Later, her tandem with

Andoni Ferreño

would arrive in

Vivan los Novios


This beauty from Cangas de Onís was already a television reality and would be confirmed thanks to her appearance in other spaces such as Humor Cinco Estrellas,

Vip noche


The Battle of the Stars.

Her good work earned her

a role in the cinema

with Tito Fernández, who trusted her in his film

De ella Aqui, que no siempre


In this fiction she played the

sentimental partner of Jesús Vázquez

who back in 1992 was one of the most desired men.


beauty was undeniable

and that encouraged her to try her luck in the world of modeling with a great fortune: she was

elected Miss Madrid

in 1989. A career that she combined with her appearances on television, where her participation was increasingly coveted.

But at the beginning of the 2000s, her career on television began to progressively decline.

In October

2001 she married

Juan Serrano 'Finito de Córdoba', in the church of Santa Marina de Aguas Santas, in Córdoba.

In 2002 and 2008

the couple's two children

would arrive and Arancha del Sol began to prioritize her role as her mother.

Despite having less time, the Asturian did not abandon acting and continued to collaborate in series such as

The day after tomorrow

and in plays such as 'Brujas', where she shared a cast with

Juncal Rivero, Carla Duval and Lara Dibildos.

In 2013 she tried her luck again in film with



alongside Ana de Armas.

Since then, she has barely made any television or film appearances.

In 2014, the family made a big decision:

leave Madrid to settle in Córdoba,

the bullfighter's hometown.

Decades were left behind in the Spanish capital.

Since then, Arancha del Sol has served as an

event presenter sporadically

and as a promotional image for products, which she usually advertises on her Instagram account.

However, at 51 years old, no one forgets that she was one of the greats of television.