As reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs Media, an employee of one of the banks, who is involved in processing deposits and accounts, decided to profit from the financial illiteracy of older people.

“When pensioners contacted her, she received cash from them, prepared the necessary documents for opening a savings account and issuing a certain local card,” the statement says.

The victims signed contracts and gave the girl their phones, where codes were sent so that the employee herself would carry out some manipulations to supposedly formalize the deposit.

In fact, the attacker cashed out pensioners’ savings, leaving their accounts with a zero balance.

A criminal case has been initiated, the materials have been sent to court.

A resident of Omsk who previously worked as a judge transferred 6.5 million rubles to the scammers.

Also in Shlisselburg, Leningrad Region, a pensioner transferred 4.7 million rubles to scammers.

Network threat expert Konstantin Shulenin named the main methods of deception used by telephone scammers.