Russia's military invasion of Ukraine continues.

Russian and Ukrainian forces continue to fight in various parts of Ukraine, and many civilians have fled the country.

We will keep you updated on developments regarding the situation in Ukraine on the 25th (Japan time), including the situation of the battle and the diplomacy of the countries involved.

(There is a 7 hour time difference between Japan and Ukraine, and a 6 hour time difference with Moscow, Russia)

Demonstration demanding the release of soldiers in Kiv

On the 24th, two years after Russia's military invasion, a demonstration was held in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, calling for the release of soldiers held captive by the Russian military.

According to the Ukrainian government, as of last month, more than 8,000 people, including more than 1,600 civilians, were held captive by Russia.

On the 24th, more than 100 people, including family members and friends of captured soldiers, gathered in a square in the center of Kiev, holding placards reading things like ``Freedom for our soldiers'' and ``Give me back my husband.'' was held up, appealing for liberation.

Many of the prisoners were members of the "Azov Battalion" who were fighting at the steel mill in eastern Mariupol, which was the site of a fierce battle, and the figure of a person holding a placard that read "Liberate Azov" was also noticeable.

Drivers passing by the square also honked their horns in a show of solidarity.

President Zelenskiy gives a speech, demonstrating a stance of complete resistance

On the 24th, two years after Russia's military invasion began, President Zelenskiy of Ukraine gave a speech near the capital, Kiiv, in which he said, ``Ukraine has maintained its independence.The world also supports Ukraine without making any mistakes.'' We would like to thank our friends, partners and the world for all that we have done."

He then stated, ``Putin must be defeated in all respects. That is the only way to achieve peace.''He reiterated his stance of continuing to fight through all means, and expressed his hope that the international community would unite to put pressure on Russia. He appealed to the government to strengthen it.

Russian Defense Minister “instructs troops to promptly supply necessary supplies”

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced on the 24th that Defense Minister Shoigu inspected front-line troops in Ukraine and instructed them to promptly supply the troops with the supplies they need.

At this time, the establishment of a specialized unit to operate unmanned aircraft was reported, and Defense Minister Shoigu said, ``We have begun deploying unmanned aircraft that are operated by artificial intelligence.It will become an important weapon.'' He emphasized that he would deploy operations that utilize unmanned aerial vehicles.

British Ministry of Defense: “Approximately 350,000 people may have been killed or injured on the Russian side”

The British Ministry of Defense, which is analyzing the war situation, said on the 24th that Russia's losses over the past two years may have been around 350,000 casualties, and that they had lost more than 2,700 tanks and 5,000 infantry fighting vehicles. announced that it has been confirmed.

On the other hand, the Russian military has been replenishing its military strength through the mobilization of reserves and the upgrading of stockpiled weapons, making it possible to maintain the offensive on the front lines and engage in a war of attrition against the Ukrainian army. It also points out that it is well-positioned to survive.

G7 leaders and EU commissioners visit Ukraine together

On the 24th, two years after Russia's military invasion began, the leaders of the G7 and the European Union visited Ukraine to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers and offer financial and military support. We have indicated that we will continue to do so.

While it has been pointed out that there is "support fatigue" due to the prolonged military invasion, the leaders of the G7 and the EU will visit the site on the two-year anniversary to once again emphasize solidarity with Ukraine.