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Occupied Jerusalem -

With the start of the aggression against Gaza, the young Jerusalemite Fadi Al-Ansari tried to overcome the psychological pressures resulting from following the news, so he went to visit some of the villages of Jerusalem that were displaced during the Nakba in 1948.

Al-Ansari told Al-Jazeera Net that the idea developed into continuous visits to those villages, photographing them, documenting their landmarks and information about them, and publishing them on his account on the Instagram application, while explaining the ways to reach them, so that generations can benefit from them.

The young man from Al-Maqdisi pointed out that the occupation deliberately turned villages into forests and planted them with forest trees to hide their features, adding, "These are not forests, they are destroyed villages."

He adds that the number of displaced Jerusalem villages is about 38 villages, and he calls on Jerusalemites to visit them constantly and learn about their landmarks, explaining that Palestinians outside the country asked him to photograph and transmit scenes of their villages from which their families were displaced.

Source: Al Jazeera