China News Service, February 22 (Xinhua) According to Taiwan media reports, Tsai Ing-wen will "hand over" the baton to Lai Ching-te on May 20. Whether to "amnesty" former Taiwan leader Chen Shui-bian has triggered discussions again.

  Media reports indicate that the Democratic Progressive Party has recently begun to discuss the issue of "amnesty" within the Democratic Progressive Party, focusing on three possible directions, including "amnesty" before Tsai Ing-wen leaves office, "amnesty" after Lai Ching-te takes office, and cases involving three former Taiwan leaders. The items are processed together, etc.

  Former Taiwan leader Chen Shui-bian.

Taiwan's "United Daily News" file photo

  Zhuang Ruixiong, the public opinion representative of the Democratic Progressive Party, said in an interview on the 21st that the issue of "amnesty" will make the entire society antagonize and eliminate peace, and ultimately it will be the leaders of the Taiwan authorities.

But if Ah Bian is "pardoned", Ah Bian may say, "I don't want it, I am innocent." This is very troublesome.

  Xu Shuhua, a member of the Central Standing Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party and Taipei City Councilor, said that we must first fully communicate and discuss and engage in dialogue with society.

  Lai Ching-te will take office on May 20, and the Taiwan authorities’ leadership office has recently launched the handover work.

Some media analyzed that if the announcement is made before Tsai Ing-wen leaves office, Lai Ching-te can avoid criticism; or if Lai Ching-te exercises the "amnesty power" after taking office, he will also face opposition; it is also possible that Chen Shui-bian, Ma Ying-jeou, and Tsai Ing-wen The cases of the three people were packaged and handled together, and they were simply given a "general amnesty" to show their hope for harmony between the government and the opposition.

  It is reported that although Lai Qingde did not touch the topic of "pardoning Bian" in this "general election", when he competed with Tsai Ing-wen for the nomination of party leader in 2019, he publicly stated that "A-Bian should receive amnesty."

  At the end of January, an online poll on the island showed that 91% of netizens said they did not support Lai Ching-te's "amnesty" for Chen Shui-bian. "If he pardons Chen Shui-bian, it means that Lai Ching-te supports corruption!"

  Some Taiwanese netizens left messages under relevant news, saying, "You have to plead guilty first before you can receive an amnesty." "It's already half-released." "(Chen Shui-bian) no longer needs to pretend to be shaking." "'Amnesty' for corruption, does it mean that officials protect each other?" In a disguised form, they encourage high-ranking officials to be greedy and wash their hands, etc., to express their dissatisfaction.