This was reported to the regional prosecutor's office.

“In the Khabarovsk Territory... the movement “I/We Sergey Furgal” is recognized as an extremist organization,” the statement states.

It is clarified that the basis of the movement is extremist ideology, the essence of which is manifested in inciting hatred and hostility towards representatives of government institutions, destroying the legal foundations and values ​​of society. 

It is noted that the goal of the movement is to change power in the country by force and change the constitutional system.

Earlier, Rosfinmonitoring decided to add the leader of the “Left Front” Sergei Udaltsov*


 to the list of terrorists and extremists.

* Extremist movement recognized by the court on February 22, 2024

* Included in the list of terrorists and extremists of Rosfinmonitoring.