In a conversation with RT, he noted that traitors are not respected by either side of the conflict: neither their enemies nor their own.

According to him, such a person will be “removed” sooner or later.

“If a person betrayed the country in which he was born, his mother, one might say... That’s why they (Ukraine -


) probably removed him themselves,” said Kuzminov’s father.

RT’s interlocutor suggested that his mother, who was recruited abroad, played some role in her son’s betrayal.

The discovery of a man's corpse in Spain became known on February 19.

It was reported that Kuzminov could have been killed, but this information was not confirmed by official sources.

A number of officials in Russia, including Medvedev, spoke out about the incident.

The newspaper El Mundo reported that the Russian defector spent at most several days in the municipality of Villajoyosa, where his body was found.