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Crime scene on a highway between Jerusalem and the settler town of Maale Adumim

Photo: Abir Sultan / EPA

At least one Israeli was killed and several people were injured, some seriously, in a suspected terrorist attack near Jerusalem.

As the police announced on Thursday morning, three attackers were shot dead at the scene on a highway near the city of Jerusalem.

According to initial information from rescue workers, eight people were injured, several of them seriously.

A spokesman for the emergency services later confirmed one fatality.

The perpetrators got out of their vehicles during a traffic jam on the highway between the settler town of Maale Adumim and Jerusalem and began shooting with automatic weapons at people sitting in their cars, the police said.

Two perpetrators were shot on site.

A third tried to escape, but was caught and also killed.

The background to the incident was initially unknown.

Israel has been waging war against the Islamist Hamas in the Gaza Strip for almost five months.