China News Service, Hong Kong, February 22 (Reporter Dai Xiaolu) The Hong Kong Shunde People's Association held a New Year group visit and volunteer recognition ceremony in Hong Kong on the evening of the 21st.

Du Banzhi, chairman of the Hong Kong Shunde People's Association, said that the enthusiastic participation of volunteers has made the community in Hong Kong warmer and more harmonious, and fully demonstrated the spirit and values ​​of Shunde people in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Shunde People's Association New Year Group Visit and Volunteer Recognition Ceremony was on site.

Photo by China News Network reporter Dai Xiaolu

  Du Banzhi said in his speech that in the past year, the association's various social affairs work has received strong support from the neighbors and has achieved many remarkable results.

Volunteers selflessly donate their time and energy, actively participate in various community services and charity activities, and make important contributions to society.

This commendation ceremony is held to express our heartfelt thanks and recognition to the volunteers who have performed outstandingly in the past year.

  Su Changrong, chief president of the Hong Kong Shunde People's Association, said in his speech that looking back on the past year, the association has worked hard to serve the public and contribute to Hong Kong society, including deeply cultivating the community and helping the SAR government improve regional governance; it is committed to promoting youth exchanges between the two places, both for the youth of the two places and Creating more development opportunities also enriches the feelings of patriotism, Hong Kong and hometown among young people in both places.

At the same time, it also actively participates in promoting high-quality development in Hong Kong and Shunde.

Next, the association will adhere to its responsibilities and mission, live up to the expectations of the hometown government and all walks of life, show the quality and energy of Shunde people's truth-seeking, pragmatism, and courage to take responsibility with the same original intention, and continue to actively play a good role in bridging the hometown associations. role, strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the two places, provide better services to the folks, and contribute more to the prosperity and stability of the two places.

  In this outstanding volunteer selection, the Federation selected a total of 11 gold medals, 16 silver medals, 24 bronze medals and 127 merit awards.

The award-winning volunteers said they were very happy to receive encouragement and recognition and would continue to work hard in the future, play a role model and leading role in social welfare undertakings, and jointly protect and build Hong Kong, a beautiful home.