Regarding the issue surrounding the political funding party of a faction of the Liberal Democratic Party, Finance Minister Suzuki stated that it is political responsibility to decide whether to pay taxes as personal income on the income that was not included in the income and expenditure report but was not used for political activities. He expressed the recognition that legislators should make decisions from the perspective of fulfilling their goals.

At the House of Representatives Budget Committee on the 22nd, Finance Minister Suzuki was asked about the tax treatment of income that was not included in the political funds balance report, and said, ``It is income that is not used for political activities and cannot be deducted. "If a member of the Diet decides that there is a tax, it is of course possible that they will pay taxes. The decision should be made from the perspective of ensuring that the politician who has been questioned fulfills his political responsibility."

Regarding the necessity of an investigation by the tax authorities, he stated, ``Whether there is a tax problem should be determined independently by the National Tax Agency.If there is any doubt, the National Tax Authority will take appropriate action.'' Ta.

Furthermore, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hayashi was asked to hold the relevant members of the Diet responsible for their failure to record information beyond the legal statute of limitations, stating, ``Accountability, political responsibility, and moral responsibility are not bound by the criminal statute of limitations.'' Ta.

On the other hand, regarding the "Support Fund System" collected through public medical insurance to counter the declining birthrate, Minister of State for Children's Policy Kato said that the amount contributed per member, which is estimated to be a little less than 500 yen per month on average, is "just an average. "There is a possibility that there are people who contribute more than 1,000 yen. It depends on their income and the type of insurance system they enroll in."