Alexandre Chauveau, edited by Ugo Pascolo 9:41 a.m., February 22, 2024

On March 9, the presidential majority must launch its campaign for the European elections on June 9.

If almost all political parties have already announced their head of list, that of Renaissance is still awaited.

A delay in ignition which seriously begins to tense part of the macronie. 

Majority seeks head of list for the Europeans, position to be held before March 9.

Government spokesperson Prisca Thévenot announced that the Renaissance European campaign was scheduled to kick off on March 9.

But the problem is that while almost all political parties have a head of list for this election, that of the presidential majority is still awaited.

A delay in ignition which seriously begins to tense part of the macronie. 


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"We look forward"

And for good reason, Renaissance sees the gap in the polls with Jordan Bardella widening.

The presidential party is 10 to 12 points behind the National Rally.

Hence the concern that permeates the ranks of the macronie.

“We can't wait,” a pillar of the majority politely says impatiently, while the most optimistic put things into perspective: “We were in the same situation five years ago,” tempers a minister.

Still, many are worried about the president's procrastination.

“Delaying the announcement is to weaken our camp,” concedes a member of the left wing of the majority, who despite everything continues to rely on Emmanuel Macron.

“The real candidate will be him,” even assumes an early Macronist.

Because the head of state should, as in 2019, become personally involved in the campaign, just like Gabriel Attal, appointed in January to Matignon in particular to face Jordan Bardella.


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Emmanuel Macron should arbitrate the name of who will make the list by the end of the month.

After several refusals, the names of Valérie Hayer, president of the Renew group in the European Parliament, and Maud Bregeon, media deputy for Hauts-de-Seine, hold the rope at this stage.