Canada: the country has only honored half of its promises to deliver weapons to Ukraine

On the international scene, Canada has presented itself as an unwavering ally of Ukraine since the start of the conflict.

In fact, this country has only honored half of its promises regarding the delivery of military equipment amounting to just under two billion euros.

A Nasams surface-to-air missile system in battery.

This is the type of equipment that Canada promised the Ukrainians.


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With our correspondent in Quebec,

Pascale Guéricolas

The Ukrainian army is still awaiting

delivery of the promised armored vehicles

, as well as ammunition, and above all an expensive anti-aircraft defense system ordered from the United States.

If at the start of the war, Canada sent artillery equipment from its own army to Ukraine, everything went wrong since it came to munitions or equipment to be manufactured.

For the surface-to-air missile system, the Canadian government placed the order with the United States more than a year ago, without any delivery.


Canada is increasingly seen as an unreliable partner and ally

And 155 millimeter ammunition for artillery shells is still not manufactured in Canada due to the lack of a new factory, as Justin Massie, political scientist at the University of Quebec in Montreal, explains: “We 

hesitate, we think, We are examining the situation, we are currently setting up study committees.

If this money had been invested two years ago, or even last year, in January 2023, when the same amount was announced, this production would have been made in the Canadian industry, and it would be used today today to send extremely valuable munitions to Ukraine.


According to defense professor at the Royal Military College, Christian Leuprecht, Canada's international image is currently "taking a hit."


Canada is increasingly seen as an unreliable partner and ally, which reduces Canada's ability to assert its interests within NATO.

Because we don't really have a voice if we are not taken as a reliable and serious ally.

 » Canada's place on the international scene is therefore likely to be reduced even further.

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