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Khan Yunis Governorate, south of the Gaza Strip, remains the center of gravity of operations in the ground war between the Israeli occupation army and the Palestinian resistance factions, most notably the Al-Qassam Brigades and the Al-Quds Brigades, the military wings of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and Islamic Jihad.

Commenting on the battle of Khan Yunis, the military and strategic expert, Major General Fayez Al-Duwairi, said that there was a different field reading that occurred during the past 24 hours, “indicating something is being planned.”

Al-Duwairi added - during his analysis for Al Jazeera - that the balance of power differed among the occupation army in Khan Yunis, as there were now two special forces brigades, two armored brigades, in addition to the Givati ​​Brigade and the Marine Corps Special Unit.

He points out that the occupation withdrew the reserve forces, and replaced them with special forces, indicating that there is a difference in performance between them, because the regular forces are immersed in performing their work throughout the year, while the reserve forces are called for training, and they were not successful in previous operations.

Al-Duwairi links these field changes to the statements made by the occupation leaders - referring to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his Defense Minister Yoav Galant, and member of the War Council, Benny Gantz - in which they spoke about the near elimination of the Khan Yunis Brigade by the Qassam Brigades.

Accordingly, according to Al-Duwairi, the Israeli army is deploying all its remaining forces in the region to achieve what the political level said in order to resolve the battle, which is expected to be a decisive battle and a milestone in the history of this war.

The strategic expert presents two scenarios regarding these developments. The first relates to the success of the occupation army in achieving its goals, as it will then present it to the Israeli interior as a victory. If it fails, it can be said that Hamas is rooted and remaining, and is still able to shape its future.

Source: Al Jazeera