Jean Zeid 06:54, February 22, 2024

Every morning, Jean Zeid delivers the best in terms of innovation.

This Thursday, February 22, he returns to the company Un Lit au Pré which offers farm holidays.

It's time for Jean Zeid's Positive Initiatives, the chronicle of daily innovations.

John, hello.

This morning, you combine agriculture and tourism. 

And it’s magical, it can even be summed up in one word: agritourism.

This agritourism of which the company Un Lit au Pré has made a specialty.

The company launched into this market 21 years ago, in Holland, Belgium and the United Kingdom before entering the French market with a very simple concept: farm holidays.

Except that this is nothing new.

You're right, farm holidays have been around for a long time.

Obviously what Un Lit au Pré offers is quite different.

Already, we are talking more about a partnership with farmers.

What Un Lit au Pré offers them is a turnkey solution, they do not have to pay anything and they can benefit from additional income to their activity of around €5,000 per year and per eco-place installed.

A partnership also makes it possible to develop the direct sale of products marketed by the farm. 

And what is an ecolieu? 

According to the Un Lit au Pré model, these are large standardized 45 m² tents that can accommodate up to 6 people, decorated in a minimalist way but comfortably equipped: kitchen, sofa, large dining table, three different sleeping areas, private shower with hot water and furnished outdoor terrace.

Not forgetting a barbecue, deckchairs, an oil lamp and candle holders.

Spaces built within these farms without foundations and using biosourced materials.

And no footprint.

They are not connected to the electrical circuit, they are supplied by ultra-short circuits.

Here everything is done to limit the carbon footprint of stays.

And can it be rented like a gîte or a hotel room? 


With the added bonus of the possibility of discovering the day-to-day work of farmers.

In reality, it's close to high-end camping, allowing farmers to diversify and vacationers to learn more about agriculture while supporting a more sustainable initiative.

As a bonus, there are fresh eggs for breakfast. 

And for what price? 

I said luxury camping, the prices go with it;

it starts between 150 and 200 euros per night for accommodation for 6 people maximum. 

There are currently around thirty of these schools in France.

Anjou, Brittany, Southern Corsica, Lorraine, Hauts-de-France and Vendée Objective: multiply this figure by ten by 2027.

The Dutch company which will also be present at the Porte de Versailles Agricultural Show in Paris which opens this Saturday.