Russia's military invasion of Ukraine continues.

Russian and Ukrainian forces continue to fight in various parts of Ukraine, and many civilians have fled the country.

We will keep you updated on developments regarding the situation in Ukraine on the 22nd (Japan time), including the situation of the battle and the diplomacy of the countries involved.

(There is a 7 hour time difference between Japan and Ukraine, and a 6 hour time difference with Moscow, Russia)

President Putin holds international competition and invites leaders of Belarus and other countries

Russian President Vladimir Putin held a large-scale international competition in central Russia, inviting the leaders of his allies Belarus and Central Asia, as the 24th of this month marks two years since the military invasion of Ukraine. It appears that the aim is to show off Russia's national power.

On the 21st, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Kazan, the capital city of the Republic of Tatarstan in central Russia, together with Minister of Defense Shoigu, and toured an aircraft factory.

During the event, President Putin received an explanation from a representative about a strategic bomber capable of carrying nuclear weapons and boarded the aircraft himself, demonstrating Russia's nuclear capabilities.

Kazan also held large-scale international sports competitions from this day on.

The opening ceremony invited President Lukashenko of Russia's ally Belarus, as well as the leaders of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and other countries in Central Asia. "We will continue to be a sports powerhouse in the world."

Furthermore, we held a series of individual meetings with the heads of state of each country who visited on the occasion of this event, emphasizing cooperation.

As the 24th of this month marks two years since the military invasion of Ukraine, the Putin administration aims to hold large-scale events to show off Russia's national power and to promote unity among the former Soviet countries that it considers to be its sphere of influence. It seems that there is.