China News Service, February 22 (Xinhua) According to Hong Kong's "Dian News" report, March every year is "Hong Kong Art Month", and international art events and art activities gather in the city.

The launch ceremony of "Art March 2024" was held today (22nd) at the Hong Kong Museum of Art.

  Data map: 2023 Art Basel Hong Kong exhibition.

Photo by Chen Yongnuo

  In his speech, Director of the Hong Kong Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau, Mr Yang Yunxiong, said that this is the first time that the SAR government has used the "Arts March" brand promotion to support a cultural event. The purpose is to strengthen Hong Kong's cultural and artistic atmosphere and give citizens a more detailed impression and feeling.

Yang Runxiong asked everyone to look forward to a series of cultural summits such as fashion shows, focusing on cultural exchanges between the East and the West.

At the same time, Yang Runxiong emphasized that economic benefits are also one of the goals of the "Art March" and will support the retail industry and activities such as free ice cream distribution.

  Speaking to reporters after the launch ceremony, Yang Runxiong pointed out that the reason why he devoted all his efforts to create the "Art March" brand was because in the past few years, every March, a large number of cultural and artistic activities were held in Hong Kong, such as Art Basel, Hong Kong Arts Festival, film and television entertainment exhibitions, etc., so promoting "Art March" can produce synergy and brand effects.

  Regarding how to integrate culture and tourism, Yang Runxiong responded that during the Art March, the tourism industry will provide catering and hotel-related package services.

When "Art March" becomes a prominent brand, it will be more conducive for the tourism industry and the cultural and art circles to work together to launch more special packages to attract tourists.

He revealed that he was discussing with mainland authorities how to attract more mainland tourists to Hong Kong and give them a better experience.

  Art March events include Art Basel, Art Central 2024, Hong Kong Arts Festival, local street art festival HKwalls, Hong Kong International Cultural Summit Forum, Hong Kong Flower Show, etc.