Updated Wednesday, February 21, 2024-17:54

  • Politics Sumar and Podemos break off the negotiation and will also face each other in the Basque elections

Yolanda Díaz has claimed that Sumar is needed "more than ever" in her first political assessment after the electoral failure of her project in the Galicia elections, in which the fuchsia formation was below 2% of the vote, staying very far from get a representative in the Galician Parliament.

Despite the setback in her homeland, the second vice president of the Government saves the brand and shows her confidence in Sumar. She has highlighted that the results, which "are not good", not only will they not affect the construction of the political project, but has highlighted that creating a territorial structure is fundamental. So it is one of the issues that will be raised once the founding assembly of Sumar is held on March 23.

"More than ever, Sumar and organization are needed," Díaz stressed about the "reading" they get from the Galician elections. "We already knew it before but now we have confirmed it."

These are the first public assessments of Díaz since on election night he wrote a message on the social network X lamenting the lack of change in Galicia. The vice president was voting in Congress yesterday, but this Wednesday she wanted to meet to address the political situation with the rest of the members of the Sumar parliamentary group, where the deputies of the autonomous parties that are part of the space also sit. The meeting had been called to analyze the situation, with the horizon that also marks the assembly.

The leader of Sumar has recognized that the left did not achieve the objective it had set. "Not only did we not achieve political change, but the PP increased the votes, which indicates that we have not done things well collectively," she noted.

The next milestone in sight is the Basque elections. Díaz has evaded questions about the conditions of that electoral event, where it seems inevitable that Sumar and Podemos will once again present themselves separately, as in Galicia, and has offloaded the decisions that must be made regarding the candidacy to his colleagues in Euskadi.

The news today in this regard is that in the Basque Country there will be a confrontation between Sumar and Podemos, once the talks are concluded.

The leader of Sumar Mugimendua, Lander Martínez, has said that Podemos "has chosen to take another path", so "the option" of forming a coalition in the Basque Country has been closed, according to the last meeting held between the two parties yesterday and the "lack of trust" that exists.

Martínez has pointed out that Podemos chose "another path" when he broke with Sumar in the parliamentary group of Congress and by overturning the pre-agreement to go together in Galicia.

From Podemos Euskadi, the candidate for lehendakari, Miren Gorrotxategi, has considered it "a shame that Sumar has concluded" the possibility of reaching a coalition agreement and has assured that since its formation they have done "everything possible" to ensure that there was a agreement. Something that contrasts with Sumar's opinion.

Sources from Díaz's party point out that the situation in which they start in Euskadi is much better than in Galicia. Among other things, because his allies, IU and Equo, have more presence there, especially the former, with a presence in neighborhoods and municipalities.

Likewise, there is a crucial element for Sumar to think that the situation is not going to be similar to that of Galicia. There does not exist the barrier of 5% of the vote in each province to obtain a seat, but rather 3%, and therefore that facilitates entry.