The attack on Rafah will lead to horrific massacres and more humanitarian disasters, according to regional and international (European) warnings.

A US State Department spokesman said that Israel did not present a plan to protect civilians in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, before its threatened attack on the city, while Bloomberg reported that the British government is considering restricting some weapons supplies to Israel if it launches this attack.

NBC News quoted US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller as saying during a press conference that he followed news that Israel was developing a plan to protect civilians in Rafah, but he did not know its content.

Miller added, "We want to get it as soon as possible, and this is what we will continue to work for. At the same time, we have made clear that Israel should not launch a comprehensive military operation in Rafah unless it has a reliable and realistic humanitarian plan that it can implement."

Israel is threatening to invade Rafah, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that refraining from carrying out a military operation there may mean losing the war, while regional and international parties warn that the attack will lead to genocide and an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe in the city where about 1.4 million forcibly displaced Palestinians are taking refuge. From the north and center of the Gaza Strip.

But the United States, Israel's biggest backer in its war on Gaza, has not indicated that it might stop or restrict the flow of weapons to the Israeli army.

On the other hand, Bloomberg quoted sources as saying that the British government is considering restricting some arms exports to Israel if it launches an attack on Rafah, or obstructs the entry of aid trucks into the Gaza Strip.

British officials told the network - on condition that their names not be published - that the escalation of Israeli military operations in Gaza without efforts to protect civilians may constitute a violation of international humanitarian law, depending on the way those operations are carried out.

For more than 4 months, the occupation army has been waging a devastating war on Gaza, which, according to the Palestinian authorities, has led to the death of 29,313 Palestinians and the injury of 69,333, as of today, Wednesday, and most of the victims are children and women.

Source: Al Jazeera + agencies + American press