Earlier, the Russian FSB reported on the discovery of the activities of the “British Council” in the Kherson region, which was engaged in intelligence for Ukraine. 

The Russian Sergei Chebukin, who shared ultranationalist views, came under the influence of the British Council. However, according to the FSB, the man realized in time that he was being drawn into a crime and turned to law enforcement officers.

“In the summer of 2023, an acquaintance wrote to me with a proposal to transmit the coordinates of the locations of Russian military personnel and military equipment using a chatbot,” Chebukin said.

As the man said, at that moment he realized that the information received could be used by Ukraine, including for attacks on his village, so he turned out to pass on this information.

Chebukin warned residents of the Kherson region against contacts with such foreign organizations.

Previously, a Russian who transmitted information about the defense structures of Crimea was detained in Sevastopol for treason.