China News Service, Hong Kong, February 21 (Xinhua) The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) held a media spring tea on the 21st to introduce the latest developments of the university. These include establishing the first Higher Education Leadership and Policy Research Center, cooperating with mainland China, East Asia and international higher education research centers, and launching a new Master of Arts in Global Higher Education program in the 2024/2025 academic year.

On February 21, the Education University of Hong Kong held a New Year Media Spring Tea to introduce the latest developments of the university. Photo courtesy of The Education University of Hong Kong

  EdUU President Li Zijian said that the EdUU is a young and vibrant university that also carries a rich historical connotation. In the future, it will cooperate with social development and continue to train professional social talents. By strengthening its research strength, it will promote Hong Kong to become a diversified and international society. a regional education hub.

  According to reports, in order to cope with development, the Education University will recruit more than 40 academic staff to join in 2023 to further enhance its teaching and research strength and explore new research areas. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Education University this year, the school will hold a series of celebration activities with the theme of "Educating Talents, Promoting Education and Building Morals" to continue to promote the spirit of heritage education in many aspects.

  Recently, the Education University has reorganized several research centers and established two new schools, the School of Educational Development and Innovation and the School of Applied Policy Research and Education Futures, to promote and leverage interdisciplinary synergies. The former focuses on the cultivation of China's national conditions and Chinese culture, life education, professional and vocational education, special education and other fields; the latter focuses on artificial intelligence, digital development, STEAM education (that is, science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics). education), and promote applied policy research, rule of law and national security education.

  In addition, in order to strengthen relevant training for civil servants, the EdUHK will also launch a master's degree program in advanced public administration and leadership, allowing civil servants and young people who intend to join the public administration industry to acquire the latest knowledge.

  The Education University of Hong Kong is now the largest higher education institution for teacher education in Hong Kong. Its predecessor was the Hong Kong Institute of Education. (over)