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Updated Wednesday, February 21, 2024-14:33

  • Koldo García Izaguirre The UCO detains Ábalos' trusted man for belonging to a plot that collected illegal commissions in the pandemic

  • Profile Koldo García, the man for everything from Ábalos: beatings, convictions, a pardon and the origins in the Rosalex club

The investigation by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office that has led to the arrest of Koldo García Izaguirre, advisor to former minister José Luis Ábalos, and Víctor de Aldama, president of Zamora CF, began with a complaint from the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Madrid Assembly against a dozen contracts worth 326 million euros. Specifically, the PP emphasized

three of them, with an attribution of 40 million

, awarded to the company Management Solutions and Business Support.

A company, which in 2019 had invoiced zero euros, did not have commercial links with China and was dedicated to technical advice on energy, water and agricultural infrastructure, with no relationship with the health sector. In 2020, orders to this company, from PSOE administrations, amounted to 53.13 million euros, always with direct awards related to the pandemic.

In fact, the company's own auditor, Auren, in her accounts published in the Commercial Registry establishes that "

all of the company's income comes from the supply of personal protective equipment to different public and private entities

." In the three contracts denounced by the

popular ones

there is one awarded by State Ports, dependent on the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, for the delivery of prophylaptic masks for 24.2 million; another from Adif, also dependent on the department of Ábalos, for 12.5 million for the delivery of FFP2 masks, and a third for 3.47 million for protective material from the Ministry of the Interior.

All of them were carried out by emergency means, without requesting offers, and, therefore, were awarded directly. Behind the company was also Víctor de Aldama, according to the complaint of the PP of Madrid linked to the former Minister of Transport, whom he

accompanied in February 2019 on an institutional trip to Mexico

and now detained along with Koldo García Izaguirre by the Central Unit Operational (UCO)

of the Civil Guard.

On that trip, according to the documentation presented by the

popular people

of Madrid, which includes the communication from the Senate of the Republic of Mexico,

Víctor de Aldama is presented as "honorary consul of Spain in Oaxaca" in a meeting

with the Mexican senator Ricardo Monreal. An appointment that requires a ministerial order that is not recorded and that, according to the Official Gazette of the Federation of Mexico, that position has corresponded since 1990 to Manuel Alonso Serrano, who still held it in 2022.

A second link that was established in the Popular Parliamentary Group's complaint is that Víctor de Aldama has been president of Zamora CF since 2018 and the public company Correos, attached to the Ábalos ministry,

issued a commemorative stamp of the club in October 2021 as part of the Sports 2021 collection

. The anomaly is that that year no relevant anniversary was celebrated as was the case with the centenary of Valencia, Osasuna or Alavés. In addition to the fact that this had never been in a category higher than the First Federation.

The business connection that is established in the complaint between Management Solutions and Business Support with Víctor de Aldama is that the representative of the company, Daniel Sierra Monedero, and is also the representative of another company linked to the company Brama Capital SL, whose administrator The only one is the president of Zamora now detained.