Biden's slips of the tongue were so frequent that they led some to suspect that he was suffering from "dementia" (French)

The British newspaper "The Telegraph" published a report saying that there are those within the American Democratic Party planning to replace its presidential candidate in the upcoming elections, November 2024, and identifies 3 scenarios for that.

The report, written by Tim Stanley and Rosina Sabbour, explained in great detail the reasons why Democrats are trying to replace President Joe Biden, including “of course” his weak mental ability to continue in office, which appeared in many of his public speeches and slips of the tongue, which were so frequent that they led some to It was suspected that he had dementia, as well as his physical abilities, as he fell several times.

The report said that many Democrats are angry that their party establishment lacks the courage to replace Biden when possible, and has burdened them with the only presidential candidate who cannot win, because he is so weak that he makes the madman - former President Donald Trump - who faces 91 Criminal charge sounds like a competent professional.

Biden is irredeemable

The writers pointed out that the consensus in Washington is that Biden cannot be reformed, and they stated that last year a group of opinion polls showed that Trump is creeping to the forefront at the national level, and is significantly ahead in swing states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The writers added that the issue of the president's age, which Democrats previously rejected, has now become unignorable.

The writers quoted Dennis Lennox, a Republican Party consultant and executive director of the Republican Party in the Virgin Islands, as saying that he has no doubt that the forces within the Democratic Party and the so-called deep state in Washington are doing everything in their power to remove Biden from the race before it is too late, because the Democrats know He is the only Democratic leader who could lose to Donald Trump.

First scenario

The writers reported that the first scenario to remove Biden from the presidential competition is for someone to enter the primary elections to challenge Biden. Two candidates have already tried this, and received low percentages; Biden won South Carolina this week with nearly 100% of the vote.

The authors added that the deadlines for submitting candidacy applications have passed for about 80% of the remaining electoral rounds, so it is virtually impossible for a bigger name to enter the competition at this stage and win a greater number of delegates than the president, who heads to Chicago next August as the most likely candidate. Which cannot be stopped.

Second scenario

The second scenario is for the party to try to forcibly isolate Biden. This can, in theory, only be done if the candidate is incapacitated.

The writers said that the Democratic National Committee is hierarchical, disciplined, and full of Biden supporters. There is no mechanism to act against the president if he does not want to leave, which means that the only practical step will lead to the third scenario.

Third scenario

The third scenario is for Biden to be persuaded to grant freedom to his delegates at the conference, allowing them to choose any candidate they want.

The writers stated that this is what Republicans expect, as Republican Party strategist Lennox believes that it is completely reasonable for someone not named Joe Biden to emerge as a candidate for the Democratic Party, whether that is J.B. Pritzker, the governor of Illinois, who is a billionaire and can self-finance an election campaign among the people. Overnight, or Gavin Newsom, Governor of California, or Wes Moore, Governor of Maryland, who many believe is the next Obama.

Democrats could also try a "more moderate" figure like Josh Shapiro, the governor of Pennsylvania.

The writers said that the third scenario revives memories of the 1968 Democratic Convention, when the party was divided due to the Vietnam War, or the notorious chaotic operation in 1972. When a large number of Democrats applied for the nomination, such that the vote included a vote in favor of then-Chinese President Mao Zedong.

Michelle and Harris

The two writers pointed out that there was news about the possibility of Michelle Obama, wife of former US President Barack Obama, running for office, but Karl Rove, the famous advisor who nominated George W. Bush, described this theory as “sheer madness,” noting Michelle’s clear hatred for politics in her memoirs, “ "She didn't want her husband to run for state Senate. She didn't want him to run for president. She's not a political animal."

The writers reported that the best person to technically replace Biden is his deputy, Kamala Harris, because this is her constitutional role in a state of emergency. However, they said it is unlikely that she will perform better than her president, as it is said that any Democratic leader could do better against Trump than Biden, with the exception of Kamala.

Source: Telegraph