Europe 1 SEASON 2023 - 2024 6:00 p.m., February 21, 2024

Pierre-Marie Chapon receives Jeanne de France this week, Director of remote activities at Malakoff Humanis Agirc-Arrco retirement social action to talk about the pressure and exhaustion of family caregivers and the solutions implemented by Malakoff Humanis for its retired clients and contributors to the Agirc-Arrco supplementary pension.

In France, there are 11 million caregivers, mainly women, who provide occasional or daily assistance to their loved ones. Jeanne highlights the risk of burnout that these caregivers may face due to the accumulation of responsibilities, the lack of time to take care of themselves and the resulting financial and psychological difficulties.

Jeanne de France presents the support system developed by Malakoff Humanis, taking into consideration both the caregiver and the recipient. The teams offer individualized support to caregivers, identifying solutions adapted to their specific needs, including the implementation of financially supported services when the situation requires it.

She mentions the concrete case of Eric, a client of Malakoff Humanis who found himself in a situation of exhaustion due to his responsibilities towards his elderly and socially isolated parents. Thanks to the household help benefits granted to his parents, the assistance in putting together an APA (Personalized Autonomy Allowance) file and the psychological support provided to Éric, he has considerably improved his situation.

The objective of Malakoff Humanis Agirc-Arrco is to support, help and accompany caregivers so that they can lead their own lives. This social action is financed by supplementary pension social funds.

All the information on the support system as well as advice for caregivers are available on the Essentiel Autonomie website.