Marta BelverSpecial envoy Rabat

Special Envoy Rabat

Updated Wednesday, February 21, 2024-14:01

  • Foreign Affairs Mohamed VI receives Pedro Sánchez this Wednesday on his express visit to Morocco

  • Congreso Feijóo challenges Sánchez after the failure of the PSOE in the "plebiscite" in Galicia: "Here I am, standing"

Not even the PSOE's setback in the Galician elections on Sunday has detracted one bit from

Pedro Sánchez

's determination to exhaust the legislature until 2027. "I have all the time in the world," said the President of the Government in an informal conversation with journalists. who accompany him on his express visit to Morocco this Wednesday.

After undergoing the control session in Congress before taking the plane to


, the head of the central Executive has been convinced that "there will be amnesty" for those prosecuted for the illegal 1-O referendum and "with legal guarantees", but without detailing the status of the negotiations with Junts. Two weeks ago,

Carles Puigdemont

's party

rejected the law that would cover this grace measure due to the refusal of the majority partner of the coalition to extend it to all terrorism crimes linked to the 'procés', a 'red line' that by Now it remains in La Moncloa.

Furthermore, Sánchez has downplayed the initiative that the Parliament has begun to process to request the independence of Catalonia at the request of the party led by the exiled politician in the Belgian city of Waterloo and the CUP. In this sense, he has said that it is not the first time that it has been attempted, that it has "a negative report" and that "it has no progress", so he has assured that he is not concerned "at all."

Regarding the Galician elections, the also general secretary of the PSOE has agreed with

Alberto Núñez Feijóo

that they were "a plebiscite", but with the nuance of "internal primaries" in the PP after which, he has recognized, the leader of the opposition "is still standing." This despite the "erratic campaign" they have carried out in which, he recalled, sources from the Genoa management acknowledged before a group of journalists that they had studied the amnesty after meeting with Junts in the summer.

In a key of self-criticism, Sánchez has only said that the "great lesson" they have learned is that they have to "be better" in the autonomous communities because "things are not going as well" as at the municipal level. However, he has justified that the "renewal process" after the elections in May last year - in which six of their nine regional governments lost - was overshadowed by the general elections of 23-J.

Regarding the appointment with the polls in Galicia specifically, he has accused the PP of trying to "neutralize" the socialist candidate,

José Ramón Gómez Besteiro

, and of "consolidating the BNG as an alternative" by creating "an institutional framework where both options are polarized." Likewise, he has considered that without a strong PSOE "change will be impossible" in this traditional fiefdom of the right.