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Psychoanalyst Gérard Miller is the subject of a third complaint for rape, filed by a woman aged only 17 at the time of the events. She accuses the famous television man of having forced oral sex on her when she was in high school.

She was 17, he was 53. Now aged 39, a woman also accuses Gérard Miller of rape. This is the third complaint filed against the psychoanalyst, after recent investigations by


and Mediapart. This new complaint refers to facts dating back to 2001. The complainant accuses Gérard Miller of having forced oral sex on her when she was in high school.

She mentions a procedure based on a meeting at the psychoanalyst's Parisian home. Due to the alcohol consumed, she ultimately has very little memory of the moment she found herself lying on the bed. A method already denounced by two other complainants who claim to have been sexually abused or raped. 

He recognizes a hold

Gérard Miller, a famous television man, would therefore have taken advantage of his notoriety on several occasions to abuse these young girls. For his part, the psychoanalyst defends himself and rejects the accusations concerning the use of hypnosis to engage in these practices, even if he admits to having had control over these women thanks to his reputation.



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"If something displeased them while they were with me, I have no hesitation in saying so: nothing I perceived indicated to me that they wanted to put an end to the situation, because otherwise Right now, I would have put an end to it,” he recently declared in a letter published on X.