Looking up, you can see the blue sea, and you can see the pleasant scenery all around. Green mangroves, white egrets, red bougainvillea... When you walk into Xiamen, Fujian, you will enter a colorful picture.

  The report card of high-quality economic development is equally impressive - accounting for 1.4% of Fujian Province's land area, Xiamen has created 14.8% of the province's regional GDP and 48% of its total foreign trade import and export value.

  "A high-quality city of innovation and entrepreneurship" and "a city of high-quality ecological gardens", where do we start from this new picture?

  Walking along the coast, going to islands, entering parks, climbing mountains, visiting villages, and looking for answers from Xiamen people, everyone always started talking about it more than 30 years ago——

  In 1985, the State Council approved the expansion of the Xiamen Special Economic Zone to the entire island of Xiamen and Gulangyu Island. In June of the same year, Comrade Xi Jinping went to Xiamen from Zhengding, Hebei to take up his new post and became the leader, pioneer and builder of the Xiamen Special Economic Zone in its initial period.

  From personally planning, deploying, and promoting the comprehensive management of Yuandang Lake, to requiring Xiamen to become the vanguard of ecological province construction; from entrusting Xiamen to build a high-quality, high-looking modern international city, to entrusting Xiamen with the important mission of taking the lead in realizing socialist modernization …At every important stage and key node in the development of the Xiamen Special Economic Zone, General Secretary Xi Jinping has kept his finger on the pulse, providing theoretical guidance and practical compliance for Xiamen to firmly establish its ambition to “establish an ecological city” and promote the construction of ecological civilization at a high level.

  "Now, 32 years have passed, and the sea breeze and waves are still the same, but Xiamen has changed its appearance." In September 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping said affectionately at the welcome dinner for the BRICS leaders meeting in Xiamen.

  What was once a small island town is now a bay-shaped city that sails around the world and embraces the world. "Mountains, seas, industries, cities, and people" blend into each other and coexist.

  Practice, write heavy answers; time, witness the changes in Ludao.

a lake

Always follow the "20-character policy" for comprehensive management of Yuandang Lake and adhere to a blueprint to draw it to the end. The former "stinking lake" has become a "city living room"

  Viewed from the air, the clear water of Yuandang Lake floats into the island like a green ribbon. The vegetation on Bailu Island is lush and the egrets are flying.

  Yuandang Lake has transformed from a "stinking lake" where everyone covered their noses to a "city living room", reflecting Xiamen's people's awareness of ecological priority and their commitment to green development over the past 30 years.

  Yuandang Lake was formerly known as Yuandang Port. After dark, the lights of fishing boats flickered, forming a scene in Xiamen at that time - "Yundang Fishing Fire". By the 1970s, embankments were built around the lake and land was sought from the sea. Yuandang was transformed from a seaport into an inner lake, and the water area was reduced to 1.6 square kilometers.

  By the 1980s, the domestic sewage of hundreds of thousands of residents around Yuandang Lake, as well as wastewater from factories, were directly discharged into the lake, causing the water quality to rapidly deteriorate.

  "The lake water had a stinky smell that stayed on clothes for a long time." Chen Zhiyi, a citizen who has lived by the lake since he was a child, still remembers it. The overwhelmed Yuandang Lake has become a "stumbling block" to Xiamen's sustainable development.

  "When will Yuandang Lake cease to be black and smelly?" Comrade Xi Jinping, then member of the Standing Committee of the Xiamen Municipal Party Committee and Executive Vice Mayor, was concerned about the voice of the people and thought deeply about it.

  On March 30, 1988, Comrade Xi Jinping presided over a special meeting to determine the strategy for lake management, which started the butterfly change of Yundang Lake.

  Opening the preserved minutes of the meeting, the determination to control the lake emerges vividly on the paper - in response to the problem of "water control in Kowloon", the meeting proposed that "the mayor personally takes charge of the lake control"; in response to the problem of funds for lake control, the meeting clarified that "the municipal finance will allocate 1,000 yuan each year this year and next two years". Ten thousand yuan", which is equivalent to 1/10 of the city's annual capital construction investment that year, and is more than the total investment in the previous ten years.

  Comrade Xi Jinping’s creative ideas for lake management are summarized in the “20-character policy”: “govern the lake in accordance with the law, intercept and treat sewage, dredge and build banks, revitalize water bodies, and beautify the environment.”

  After the meeting, Xiamen City established a leading group for Yuandang Lake Management. The "20-character policy" implements precise policies and prescribes the right medicine, and a tough and tough battle to control the lake has begun!

  Governing the lake in accordance with the law will safeguard comprehensive management.

  "More than 30 years ago, people's awareness of ecological environmental protection was still relatively weak. Comrade Xi Jinping put forward the concept of law-based lake governance with a very forward-looking vision, which became the key to the success of Yuandang Lake governance." said Wang Yanyan, chief engineer of the Xiamen Municipal Landscape Bureau.

  From the promulgation of the "Yundang Lake Management Measures" by the municipal government in 1989, to the later upgraded version of the "Xiamen Yuandang Lake Management Measures", to the implementation of local regulations "Xiamen City Yuandang Lake District Management Measures" and the "Xiamen Special Economic Zone Yuandang Lake Management Measures" "Lake Area Protection Measures", Xiamen promotes lake management with the strictest system and strictest rule of law. After obtaining the legislative power of the special economic zone in 1994, the first substantive local regulation enacted by Xiamen was the "Xiamen Environmental Protection Regulations." The institutional system has been continuously improved, realizing the transformation from point to surface, from water to shore, and from single governance to joint governance.

  Intercept and treat sewage to eliminate the "root cause" of the problem in order to improve water quality.

  "The symptoms of pollution are in the lake, and the root of the disease is on the shore. Sewage interception and treatment are the fundamental strategy to control Yuandang Lake." Xie Xiaoqing, general manager of Xiamen Municipal Urban Development and Construction Co., Ltd., said that in 1989, Xiamen, the first sewage treatment plant in Fujian Province, The municipal sewage treatment plant was built. "At that time, there were hundreds of companies in the Hexiang Road area on the south bank of Yuandang Lake. We worked and mobilized one by one to transform the sewage pipelines."

  Since 1988, Xiamen City has shut down or relocated 210 polluting companies around the lake, built high-standard sewage collection and treatment facilities, and implemented rainwater and sewage diversion in 855 surrounding communities to improve the water quality of the Yuandang Lake basin from the source.

  Dredging and building banks can turn harm into benefit in management.

  Bailuzhou is the largest island in the center of Yuandang Lake. Many people don't know that Bailuzhou was formed from the accumulation of silt removed during lake management.

  "From the 1980s to the present, Yuandang Lake has carried out five lake-wide dredging projects, with a total of about 5.6 million cubic meters of dredged material, and the silt was used to build Bailuzhou and Bailu Island, etc." Director of the Yuandang Lake Protection Center Zhang Weipeng said.

  Revitalize the water body and smooth the "meridians" of Yuandang Lake.

  Ask him how clear he is? Come for living water from a source. Since the 1980s, Xidi gates and tidal dikes have been built on Yuandang Lake. Every day at high tide, the gate is opened to receive the tide into the lake, and at low tide, the flood outlet is opened to renew the lake water.

  "Using the natural tidal range to absorb tidal throughput is a very creative measure in the management of Yuandang Lake. It is a decision that respects science and is far-sighted." Zhang Weipeng said.

  Beautify the environment and let beautiful ecology benefit the people.

  Lu He, a 65-year-old Xiamen citizen, has been watching birds and taking photos for many years. He used his camera to record the changes of Yundang Lake. "From the sewage flowing across the river and the disappearance of fish and shrimp, to the clear water, green shores, flying birds and leaping fish, the smiles of the people around the lake have also changed." It’s getting brighter and brighter.”

  A good ecological environment is the most universal welfare for people. In recent years, Xiamen has increased investment in building multiple "pocket parks" around Yuandang Lake. Residents can reach nearby parks within 15 minutes.

  The "Yundang Fishing Fire" has disappeared in the urban changes, but the "Yundang Night" has become a more dazzling new scene in Xiamen. Yuandang Lake Area has become Xiamen’s iconic administrative, financial, commercial, tourism and residential center. Yuandang Lake, which transformed from cocoon to butterfly, has become a model of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

  The comprehensive management of Yuandang Lake is one of the important origins of Xi Jinping’s thoughts on ecological civilization.

  In the minds of Xiamen people, the ecological wealth and green welfare that General Secretary Xi Jinping has brought to Xiamen are extremely profound.

  Comrade Xi Jinping led the preparation of the "Xiamen Economic and Social Development Strategy from 1985 to 2000", which is the earliest economic and social development strategic plan prepared by a Chinese local government spanning 15 years. As an important goal of Xiamen’s development strategy. Comrade Xi Jinping has thought deeply and made long-term scientific plans for the sustainable development of this city.

  I have a deep love for this land and "have always taken ecological and environmental work very seriously."

  In January 1986, at the 18th meeting of the Standing Committee of the Eighth People’s Congress of Xiamen City, Comrade Xi Jinping emphasized: “Protecting natural scenic resources has far-reaching influence and is of great significance.” “I come from the north, and I feel every grass and stone in Xiamen. It is very precious." "Xiamen belongs to the motherland and the nation. We should attach great importance to and cherish it and protect it well. This must be done as a strategic task."

  How to handle the relationship between ecological environment protection and construction and development? Comrade Xi Jinping has a clear position: "Can we use partial destruction to carry out construction on the other side? I think it is very clear that Xiamen cannot exchange development in other areas at this price."

  Green mountains and green waters are priceless treasures, as are blue seas and silver beaches.

  From a land area of ​​1,699 square kilometers to a sea area of ​​333 square kilometers, Xiamen plays a thrilling "green variation".

a sea

Build a large-scale protection and management pattern from the top of the mountain to the ocean, strengthen the protection and restoration of marine ecology, and draw a harmonious and vivid picture of the human sea

  The sea breeze blows and the green trees sway. In Xiatanwei Mangrove Park in Xiang'an District, Xiamen, the "Ocean Guardian" mangroves with roots deeply rooted in the tidal flats present beautiful scenery between the sea and the sky.

  "General Secretary Xi Jinping said during an inspection in Zhanjiang, Guangdong last year, 'I personally took care of the protection of mangroves when I was working in Xiamen.' 'This is a national treasure and must be protected.' When I heard this, I was extremely excited! "Beside the large mangrove forest, Xiamen University professor Lu Changyi said excitedly.

  Lu Changyi has been involved in mangrove research and protection for more than 40 years. "The mangrove protection work in Xiamen started early. I am one of the witnesses, participants and witnesses of this undertaking."

  With yellowed paper and mottled handwriting, Lu Changyi showed two precious notes to reporters, "In October 1986, he received 4,000 yuan in mangrove afforestation technology research funding; in October 1987, he received 6,000 yuan in mangrove introduction and domestication research funding. . In those two years, the Xiamen Forestry Bureau allocated two funds to Xiamen University to carry out research on mangrove protection."

  "10,000 yuan was not a small sum at that time. Comrade Xi Jinping recognized the huge value of mangroves very forward-looking and personally took care of the protection of mangroves. Relevant government departments and research institutions also made great efforts." Lu Changyi said . The scientific research team of Xiamen University has increased its efforts in scientific research and achieved groundbreaking results. A series of mangrove ecological restoration projects were successfully implemented. In Ha Tamwei, 85 hectares of mangroves reappear on the beach.

  Mangroves protect the ocean, and Xiamen people protect the mangroves. The city's mangrove area has increased from 32.6 hectares in 2000 to 173.9 hectares in 2023, and the ecological vitality and resilience of the coastal zone have been significantly enhanced.

  When walking in Xiamen, the scenes of seeking harmony for all things are impressive.

  "Look! White dolphin, White Dolphin!" On the way to the Chinese White Dolphin Rescue and Breeding Base in Huoshuo Island, Xiamen, the reporter met the Chinese White Dolphin by chance.

  Several Chinese white dolphins swam in the water and jumped out of the sea to breathe from time to time... Witnessing the beautiful scene of "the city is on the sea and the dolphins are in the city", people couldn't help but cheer and hurriedly took pictures and recorded it.

  The Chinese white dolphin is the only dolphin in the world named after "China" and is a national first-level protected animal. When Comrade Xi Jinping served as deputy secretary of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee and governor of Fujian Province, he made important instructions for Xiamen to carry out the protection of Chinese white dolphins and asked Xiamen to pay attention to the construction of natural ecological reserves.

  "Since 2000, Xiamen City has established a national nature reserve for rare marine species, protecting 12 rare species such as Chinese white dolphin and amphioxus and their living environment, covering an area of ​​7,588 hectares." Xiamen Chinese white dolphin and amphioxus Cai Libo, director of the Nature Reserve Affairs Center, said.

  Chinese white dolphins like to live and breed in bays at river estuaries, which are areas with frequent human activities and are very difficult to protect. Promulgated my country's first local laws and regulations for the protection of Chinese white dolphins, and established the first Chinese white dolphin rescue and breeding base... After years of unremitting efforts, the population of Chinese white dolphins in Xiamen waters has gradually increased, from the early 1990s to the 1960s. The number has increased to more than 80 today.

  "Whether the marine ecological environment is good or not, the Chinese white dolphin is one of the indicator species. Xiamen is one of the few cities in the country where Chinese white dolphins can often be seen in urban waters." said Wang Xianyan, a researcher at the Third Institute of Oceanography of the Ministry of Natural Resources.

  "The city is on the sea, and the sea is in the city." Xiamen is a typical bay city.

  The ecological protection of bay-shaped cities is a worldwide issue. Problems such as dense population, industrial agglomeration, high pressure on resources and environment, environmental pollution, and reduced biodiversity often restrict economic and social development.

  Xiamen, how to solve problems and promote harmony in the sea of ​​people?

  In June 2002, Comrade Xi Jinping, then deputy secretary of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee and governor of Fujian Province, visited Xiamen for investigation and proposed a major strategy of "improving the island and cross-island development" from an overall perspective, and specified the cross-island development strategy of "four combinations" Ideas - Combining the improvement of the island with the expansion of the bay, the combination of urban transformation with economic transformation, the combination of rural industrialization with urbanization, the combination of highlighting urban characteristics and protecting the bay ecology.

  A "fist" on the island stretches into a "palm" for the city, and a new world of urban development suddenly opens up. The island's area of ​​156 square kilometers once limited the pace of Xiamen's development; across the bay, there is a vast world that is 10 times larger. Xiamen has begun the process of accelerating cross-island development and promoting integration inside and outside the island.

  The city's production space, living space, and ecological space have been scientifically reconstructed, and a large-scale protection and management pattern has been established from the top of the mountain to the ocean.

  Vigorously protect natural resources such as sand, rocks, and forests to make the mountains green.

  In the old days of Xiamen, there was indiscriminate logging and deforestation in some places, some mountain peaks turned into "plagues", and the bottom of the beach was exposed. Comrade Xi Jinping quickly made arrangements and proposed practical and specific measures.

  A battle to protect natural resources and the ecological environment began. In 1986, the Xiamen Municipal Government promulgated the "Interim Regulations on the Protection and Management of Sand, Stone and Soil Resources in Xiamen". Since then, ecological restoration of exposed mountains, islands and forests has been carried out in an orderly manner. The entire island has implemented "mountain closure for afforestation", all sand and gravel plants have been closed, and the geological environment restoration rate of abandoned mines has reached 100%.

  Continue to promote land and sea coordination and source management to make streams clean.

  Daitou Creek in Tong'an District has clear water, green shores, fish swimming in the shallow bottom, and gurgling water flowing into Tong'an Bay.

  Daitou River was once seriously polluted. Tong'an District has taken measures such as full collection and treatment of sewage, dredging of all rivers, and construction of wetland parks to strengthen ecological protection and restoration. The black and smelly river in the past has now become a good place for citizens to enjoy the water. Last year, the water quality reached Class IV standards.

  Xiamen coordinates and promotes the management of water resources, water environment, and water ecology, vigorously improves urban sewage collection and treatment capabilities, comprehensively treats rural sewage, and significantly reduces land-based pollutants entering the sea. The water quality of drinking water sources, national-controlled and provincial-controlled sections in major river basins, and provincial-controlled sections in small watersheds has achieved "four 100% compliance with standards" for four consecutive years, and the city's discharge outlet into the sea quality compliance rate has increased to 99.3%.

  Anchoring the goal of "clear water and clean beaches, beautiful green shores, fish and gulls gathering, and a harmonious sea of ​​people" to make the bay beautiful.

  Alongside the rippling blue waves of Maluan Bay, citizens enjoy walking and exercising, or watching birds and taking photos. In the past, a large amount of water in Maluan Bay was occupied and transformed into shrimp and fish ponds, and the water quality deteriorated and turned black. Returning reclaimed land to the sea, watershed management, and ecological water replenishment... With a comprehensive management "combination", the color of the seawater in Maluan Bay changed from "like Coke" to "transparent Sprite."

  "Birds know best whether the ecology is good or not. Rare birds such as Oriental white storks and black-faced spoonbills are now flying to Maluan Bay to spend the winter." Guo Qiang, director of the Xiamen Bird Watching Association, raised his camera and kept taking pictures . Maluan Bay Ecological Three Island Park, formed by dredging the bay, is his first choice for "chasing birds".

  Xiamen, which has many bay areas and "a bay within a bay", is the first in the country's coastal areas to propose the concept of comprehensive bay area improvement, adapting measures to local conditions and implementing "one bay, one policy." Since 2002, comprehensive regulation and development projects have been carried out in five bay areas, including Haicang Bay, Wuyuan Bay, Xinglin Bay, Tongan Bay, and Maluan Bay, to implement dredging and regulation of seawall openings, reconstruct mangrove shorelines, and repair The beach creates a beautiful bay residential environment.

  Improve the marine sanitation mechanism to clean up floating garbage and make the sea beautiful.

  "Marine beauticians, protect Xiamen blue" - the slogan on the wall of Xiamen Marine Environmental Sanitation Management Station is particularly eye-catching. "The patrol area has become larger, but the amount of garbage recovered has been decreasing year by year." said Yang Haishan, captain of the Liuwudian operation team.

  Xiamen has established a marine sanitation mechanism and a cleaning mechanism to reduce coastal stream garbage from entering the sea, achieving regular and full coverage of seaborne garbage cleanup. The distribution density of seaborne garbage has remained the lowest in the province for two consecutive years.

  The mountains are green, the water is green, the bay is blue, and the sea is clean.

  Changes in mountains and seas originate from ideological guidance.

  The long-term plan for the construction of Xiamen's bay-shaped city and the vigorous protection of the city's marine ecology are valuable explorations by General Secretary Xi Jinping to promote the construction of ecological civilization when he was working in Fujian.

  In 1988, Comrade Xi Jinping creatively proposed the concept of comprehensive management of Yuandang Lake. "Over the past 36 years, Xiamen City has invested a total of 105.6 billion yuan in marine ecological protection and restoration. Taking the comprehensive management of Yuandang Lake as a demonstration and leadership, it adheres to the coordination of land and sea, linkage of rivers and seas, and 'one bay, one policy' to build a marine ecological system from the top of the mountain to the ocean. The overall pattern of protection and management has achieved good ecological, social and economic benefits, which vividly proves that 'blue seas and silver beaches are also mountains of gold and silver'." said Lu Lihua, deputy director of the Department of Land and Space Ecological Restoration of the Ministry of Natural Resources.

a city

Create a "high-quality city of innovation and entrepreneurship" and "a high-quality ecological garden city", promote high-quality development and create high-quality life with high-level protection

  In September 2017, the BRICS Business Forum was held in Xiamen. General Secretary Xi Jinping praised Xiamen at the opening ceremony of the forum:

  "Today's Xiamen has developed into a high-quality city of innovation and entrepreneurship. New economy and new industries are developing rapidly, trade and investment are keeping pace with each other, and sea, land and air transportation are accessible to all five continents. Today's Xiamen is also an ecological garden city with good looks and people. Live in harmony with nature.”

  Under the leadership of the demonstration of comprehensive management of Yuandang Lake, and keeping in mind the ardent instructions of "becoming a vanguard in the construction of an ecological province", Xiamen continues to promote the construction of ecological civilization with high standards, promotes the integration and symbiosis of "mountains, seas, industries, cities, and people", and constantly draws a Write a new picture of production development, prosperous life, and good ecology.

  Build a high-quality city of innovation and entrepreneurship.

  Garden-style landscape, courtyard-style R&D building, and birds cruising on the sparkling water... Xiamen Software Park (Phase II), located on the eastern seaboard of Xiamen Island, has a nickname: "Software Garden".

  Twenty years ago, this was a quarry, and the mountain was completely hollowed out. In 2004, Xiamen made up its mind to carry out governance and development, and at the same time made it clear that it would never engage in a "one-shot deal" of selling land and houses. "We have patiently cultivated high-tech parks with software and information services as the main industries." said Xu Chunhang, president of the Xiamen Software Industry Association.

  Today, the Software Park (Phase II) gathers more than 3,600 companies related to the software and information service industry, with an industrial population of over 67,000. The output value of the software and information services industry chain of Xiamen Torch High-tech Zone has exceeded 100 billion yuan.

  For more than 20 years, while Xiamen has made great efforts to improve the island, it has also made every effort to promote the construction of new cities outside the island, explore new paths of "industry introduction, industry-city integration", and achieve deep integration of "industry, city, and people" and "popularity and business atmosphere" overall enhancement.

  Tong'an New Town embraces Tong'an Bay. Positioned as a "Scientific Bay Area, City of the Future", this area has become one of the most dynamic and potential industrial growth poles in Xiamen.

  In 2006, Xiamen launched a comprehensive improvement project for the East Rim Sea Area. 220 million cubic meters of sediment were dredged, and the water exchange capacity of the sea increased by 30%. Golden sand beaches, green coconut groves and colorful runways complement each other on the romantic coastal tourism route around the East Coast.

  "Here is not only the natural ecology of blue sea and blue sky, but also the industrial ecology of the high-tech industrial system." said Yang Wenyong, head of Harbin Times Agricultural Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., one of the first batch of companies to settle in Tong'an New City. This company has developed a smart agricultural cockpit and has achieved mass production.

  "Ecology" gradually becomes "business format". There are nearly 2,000 registered companies in Tong'an New City, with an output value exceeding 30 billion yuan in 2023. Emerging industries such as semiconductors, new energy, and new materials are developing and growing, and the ecological new bay city is growing rapidly.

  The blue sea and silver beach become more and more beautiful as they get built, and the mountains of gold and silver grow bigger and bigger. The added value of the city's high-tech manufacturing industry accounts for more than 40% of the proportion of industries above designated size, the tourism and exhibition industry, and the new energy industry are growing rapidly, and the gross marine product value accounts for more than 30% of the regional GDP... Xiamen strives to build a modernization led by scientific and technological innovation Industrial system and new productive forces are developing at an accelerated pace.

  Create a beautiful ecological garden city.

  The dense forests are lush, the tea gardens are stacked on top of each other, and the clear Jiulong River passes through the village... Junying Village, Lianhua Town, Tong'an District, deep in the clouds and mist, is one of the highest and most remote mountain villages in Xiamen.

  "The good life in the village now is something I couldn't even imagine back then." Talking about changes and development, Gao Quanwei, secretary of the Party branch of Junying Village, said with emotion. Junying Village was once a poor mountain village. In the 1980s, in order to fry tea and develop the economy, villagers cut down a large number of forests, causing ecological damage and causing serious soil erosion.

  In April 1986 and July 1997, Comrade Xi Jinping visited Gaoshan Village twice, conducted in-depth investigations in Junying Village and Baijiaoci Village, and proposed the development idea of ​​"wearing hats on the mountain and developing at the bottom of the mountain".

  Nowadays, the "hat" on the mountain is worn. "We must not only grow tea and fruits, but also do a good job in forest greening." Gao Quanwei said, "Now the village has more than 4,100 acres of public welfare forest area. Since 2000, the forest coverage rate has increased from less than 50% to more than 79%."

  Industries at the foot of the mountain have also developed. The ecologically transformed tea garden in Junying Village reaches more than 6,500 acres, and the high mountain oolong tea is refreshing. In 2023, it will receive more than 200,000 tourists, and the per capita annual income of the village will exceed 45,000 yuan.

  Keep in mind our sincere instructions and unswervingly follow the path of green development that organically combines ecological construction with increasing income and wealth. The people are rich, the ecology is beautiful, green and rich are a win-win situation, and the high mountain village has turned from a poor countryside into a rich soil.

  Protect while developing, develop while protecting. Xiamen's "economic output value" and "ecological appearance" have simultaneously improved, and the green background of high-quality development continues to be planted.

  Plan carefully, draw a "one blueprint" that integrates multiple plans for the whole area spatial planning, integrate urban construction into the natural landscape pattern, and build an ecological security pattern of "one screen, one bay and ten corridors" and an urban spatial pattern of "one island, one belt, multiple centers" ;

  Set red lines, delineate 204 square kilometers of terrestrial ecological protection red lines, and delineate 84 square kilometers of marine ecological protection red lines;

  Seek innovation, and promote a series of typical experiences such as the regulation of discharge outlets into the sea and marine sanitation mechanisms to the whole country;

  The whole area of ​​the United States, including the southeastern waters of Xiamen, Gulangyu Island, and Yuandang Lake, have been rated as national beautiful bays, harmonious islands, and beautiful rivers and lakes respectively. The ecological civilization index ranks among the top in the country...

  "Blue sea and silver beach, clear water and green shore, blue sky and white clouds" have become the golden business card of Xiamen.

  "A city is prosperous for its people."

  Promote high-quality development with high-level protection and create high-quality life. Today, Xiamen has become a modern, international city suitable for business, living and tourism.

  In 2017, Gulangyu Island was officially included in the World Cultural Heritage List. Decades ago, many old buildings on the island were in disrepair, and fishermen cut down trees for firewood.

  Comrade Xi Jinping regarded this island as a "national treasure" and allocated 300,000 yuan in 1986 to renovate the historical building Bagua Tower. He said emotionally: "In the construction of cities and scenic spots in our country, there are only a few people who can combine the natural landscape and the cultural landscape very harmoniously. It is very necessary to regard Gulangyu Island as a national treasure, and at this height and plan its construction and protection in a unified manner.”

  Carry out island-wide protection, including every plant, tree and historical and cultural resources on the island. Today, the "national treasure" shines brightly.

  Be responsible to history, the city, and the people.

  In 2022, in order to avoid a 137-year-old ancient banyan tree, during the construction process of Xiamen Cross-Island Metro Line 3, the design of Xiamen University South Gate Station was specially adjusted, and a large piece of the construction site enclosure was recessed. This scene was photographed and posted online by netizens, sparking heated discussions.

  "It has been here for more than 100 years. At the beginning of the line planning a few years ago, we unanimously decided that the subway construction must make way for the ancient banyan tree." Xiamen Rail Transit Group's response was praised by netizens.

  "You can see the mountains, see the sea, and remember the nostalgia. Living in Xiamen, a city on the sea, is full of happiness." said Xu Changzhong, secretary of the Party Committee of Shapowei Community in Siming District.

  Today, Xiamen has 1.66 kilometers of greenways in urban built-up areas per 10,000 people. It has basically achieved the goal of “seeing green within 300 meters and gardens within 500 meters.” A total of 289 kilometers of mountain and sea health trails have been built, and the city’s beach area has increased to 2.4 million square meters.

  It is a fertile land for entrepreneurs to start businesses, a green space for ecological conservation, and a home for people to live in peace and contentment. In the new era, Xiamen is striving to take the lead in realizing socialist modernization.


Xiamen's practice stretches out the beautiful picture of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, providing a vivid example of ecological protection for bay cities around the world.

  Standing at the entrance of the "Ten Mile Long Causeway" in Jimei District outside the island, looking at Xiamen Island across a bay, it is even more true that "the city is on the sea, and the sea is in the city".

  In 1955, Xiamen's first cross-sea long embankment, a high-rise sea embankment, was built and became the only channel for external traffic on Xiamen Island until the 1990s. Since then, the Gaoji Sea Wall and the Jixing Sea Wall have been connected to form the "Ten Mile Long Causeway".

  However, old-fashioned seawalls block seawater exchanges, leading to siltation of the sea and deterioration of the ecological environment. Since 2010, Xiamen has launched a series of marine ecological restoration projects such as the reconstruction of seawall openings and sea area dredging. It has successively demolished the Dadeng seawall, Zhongzhai seawall, etc., and completed the reconstruction of the openings of Gaoji seawall, Jixing seawall, and Maluan seawall. About 170 million cubic meters of sediment were removed. Restoring the marine ecological environment and building an ecological bay city have become must-answer questions for Xiamen's high-quality development.

  From utilizing nature, transforming nature, and conquering nature, to respecting nature, complying with nature, and protecting nature. The changes in the seawall are a vivid epitome of Xiamen’s road to harmony between people and sea.

  Keeping in mind the entrustment and working hard for a long time, Xiamen City continues to practice, enrich and expand the successful experience of comprehensive management of Yundang Lake, starting from the comprehensive management of Yundang Lake, and then to the ecological protection and restoration of "sea area, river basin and whole area", actively exploring a synergy Promote high-quality development and high-level protection, and promote the ecological civilization practice path of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

  This is a path that puts people first.

  In Wuyuan Bay in the northeastern part of Xiamen Island, people run on the 8-kilometer trail around the bay, appreciate the beauty of nature in the 99-hectare wetland park, and have close contact with the sea on sailboats.

  More than 20 years ago, at the beginning of the management and development of the Wuyuanwan area, one opinion was to reserve this land as construction land. Where to go? Xiamen City fully listened to the opinions of citizens and experts, adjusted its development and utilization plan, reserved sea areas and land parcels worth tens of billions of yuan to carry out ecological protection and restoration, built a seaside leisure ecological space, and attracted more than 300 well-known companies to settle in the city.

  "We want to leave the best coastal land to the people, protect the ocean, and benefit the people." Pan Shijian, the former deputy mayor of Xiamen, vividly remembers the process of governance and development of the Wuyuanwan area.

  Manage Yuandang Lake to respond to the people's call for "when will it no longer be black and smelly?"; restore Guanyin Mountain Beach, emphasizing "leaving the most beautiful beaches to the people"... always put the people at the center, and make a good ecological environment the most equitable public products, the most universally beneficial people's livelihood and well-being, and also add new momentum and new advantages to high-quality development.

  Now, Yuandang Lake has a "citizen lake chief". Retired teacher Chen Yajin puts on the "blue vest" of the volunteer service team to patrol the lake and protect it. On the three ecological islands of Maluan Bay, citizens actively participate in "tree recognition and construction" to increase green and protect blue. The people are not only the beneficiaries of ecological civilization construction, but also become the actors.

  This is a path that lasts for a long time.

  In 1988, the special meeting on "Comprehensive Management of Yuandang Lake" defined the "20-character policy". By 1999, the first and second phases of the comprehensive management project were completed;

  Immediately, the third phase of the project continued to advance with the goals of "desilting and remediation, intercepting new sewage";

  From 2009 to 2016, the fourth phase of the project was in full swing to achieve the goal of “no sewage entering the lake on sunny days”;

  Since 2017, the fifth-phase project aimed at “controlling overflow pollution on rainy days, improving hydrodynamics, and enhancing water ecosystems and urban vitality” has been steadily progressing...

  Ecological environment protection and restoration cannot be accomplished overnight. The cadres and masses of Xiamen drew a blueprint to the end and worked year after year to innovate management methods, treat the symptoms instead of the root causes, and transform Ludao's old appearance into a new one.

  This is a path to governance in accordance with the law.

  Among the “20-word policy” for the comprehensive management of Yuandang Lake, “governing the lake according to law” ranks first. Promoting the construction of ecological civilization with the concept and method of the rule of law has become a consistent and distinctive feature of Xiamen's practice.

  From regulations on the management and use of sea areas, to management measures for the protection and utilization of uninhabited islands, to several regulations on marine environmental protection... Xiamen has successively formulated and implemented more than 10 sea-related regulations. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, more than 10 laws and regulations on the construction of ecological civilization have been promulgated, including the "Regulations on the Construction of Ecological Civilization in the Xiamen Special Economic Zone" and the "Regulations on the Construction of Rivers and Lakes in the Xiamen Special Economic Zone". The system has become a rigid constraint and an untouchable high-voltage line, and the modernization level of the ecological environment governance system continues to improve.

  This is a path that adheres to systemic governance.

  From lake to bay, from bay to sea, from sea area to river basin, from river basin to the whole area... Keywords such as "comprehensive", "collaborative", "coordinated" and "whole" are included in every successful case of ecological protection and restoration in Xiamen.

  Ecological protection and restoration is a systematic project. "Practice in Xiamen shows that only by firmly establishing a system concept, adhering to the integrated protection and systematic management of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes, grass and sand, and taking into account all elements of natural ecology, mountains and mountains, above and below ground, on shore and in water, cities and rural areas, land and oceans, and upstream and downstream of the river basin , in order to continuously improve the quality and stability of the ecosystem." said Yu Xingguang, a researcher at the Third Institute of Oceanography of the Ministry of Natural Resources.

  This is a path to scientific governance.

  Wuyuan Bay used to be a salt drying farm, a breeding farm, and a garbage dump. How can it be scientifically renovated and restored?

  "Although the Wuyuan Bay area has a poor environment, it has a good ecological foundation. After research and demonstration, and listening to expert opinions, our original ecological texture, as well as a large number of native animals and plants, swamps and other natural ecological resources will be preserved as much as possible during the remediation process." Wang Da, deputy director of Huli District, said that in order to protect more than 500 native hackberry trees, the alignment of the Tianyuan Bridge was deliberately changed during the construction process. "We are protecting not only the trees, but also the birds in the woods. Ecological elements such as insects and soil.”

  For scientific management, if it is suitable for forests, it will be a forest; if it is wet, it will be wet; if it is suitable for a beach, it will be a beach; if it is suitable for a beach, it will be a beach; if it is suitable for the sea, it will be a sea. Since the comprehensive management of Yuandang Lake, Xiamen has focused on leveraging the think tank role of scientific research institutions and university experts. The Xiamen Marine Expert Group was established in 1996 and continues to provide scientific and technological support for solving major marine ecological problems.

  Time flies, Ludao changes.

  "United Nations Habitat Award", "International Garden City", "National Ecological City", "National Forest City", "National Marine Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration Zone"... Picturesque Xiamen deserves its name. Xiamen International Ocean Week has been held for 18 consecutive years, and the East Asian Coastal Sustainable Development Local Government Network Secretariat has permanently settled in Xiamen.

  Peter Thomson, the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Ocean Affairs, has visited Ha Tamwei Mangrove Park twice. He highly affirmed the balance Xiamen has achieved between ecological protection and economic development, and looked forward to Xiamen providing a "Xiamen example" for international marine ecological environment management.

  "The '20-character policy' for the comprehensive management of Yuandang Lake constitutes a complete theoretical system of ecological environment management, which contains profound thoughts on the world view and methodology such as 'people first', 'problem orientation' and 'system concept'. After 36 years, Through time accumulation and practical testing, it has become more and more obvious that it has time-traveling ideological leadership and practical driving force that transcend time and space." Cui Yonghui, member of the Standing Committee of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Xiamen Municipal Party Committee, said, "Xiamen is an important nurturing place and pioneer of Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought. In practice, we have a greater responsibility to shoulder important responsibilities and explore in the process of building a beautiful China, and strive to build Chinese-style modernization where man and nature coexist harmoniously. We should firmly support the "two establishments" and resolutely achieve the "two maintenances" with practical actions. '."

  Xiamen Window shows the world a bright road to building Chinese-style modernization in which man and nature coexist harmoniously.

  "Theory is the forerunner of action. Xiamen's remarkable achievements in ecological civilization construction practice are most fundamentally due to General Secretary Xi Jinping's strategic planning and guidance and promotion, and to always adhering to the scientific guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Civilization." Deputy Director of the Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Civilization Research Center Yu Hai said, "Xiamen's practice is a Chinese experience of great significance, which vividly explains the truth, power and practical power of Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought."

  "Xiamen shelters guests from all over the world, and its doors welcome thousands of hectares of waves."

  We will set an example in comprehensively promoting the construction of Beautiful China, write a new chapter in promoting high-quality development, make new contributions in promoting integrated development across the Taiwan Strait, and improve the quality of people's lives. We are born with the sea and prosper towards the sea. Xiamen stands at the forefront of the trend and moves forward bravely.

  (Our reporters Liu Yi, Chang Qin, Yu Yang, Zhang Ye, Zhong Ziwei, Liu Xiaoyu)