Cambodia: Hun Many, younger son of Hun Sen, becomes deputy prime minister

Four days before senatorial elections in Cambodia, Hun Sen's family strengthens its hold on the country. The strong man of Phnom Penh, Hun Sen, handed over to his eldest son in 2023 after almost four decades in power. This Wednesday, Parliament promoted his youngest son, Hun Many to the post of deputy prime minister.

Hun Many, Hun Sen's youngest son, on February 21, 2024 in Phnom Penh. © TANG CHHIN SOTHY / AFP

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Power in


is a family affair and in Parliament, we vote as one man. This Wednesday, the 120 deputies unanimously approved the promotion of Hun Many, 41, as deputy prime minister of his brother

Hun Manet

. Hun Many was previously minister in charge of civil service. Hun Manet judged the promotion of his youngest brother in line with "

 the need to strengthen the implementation, with the greatest efficiency, of the government's policy

 " aimed at making Cambodia a high-income country by 2050.

Hun Dynasty

His older brother succeeded his father in August after a tailor-made election without opposition. The dynastic transmission had caused much ink to be spilled, the repressed, muzzled and persecuted opposition had denounced nepotism, corruption and the autocratic exercise of power by the Hun dynasty.

And in fact, Hun Manet's government includes a number of members of his family and several children of Hun Sen's allies in prominent positions. Hun Sen's second son, Hun Manith, 42, is a senior army officer and intelligence specialist. The man who led the country for almost four decades

is not retiring from political life

. At the end of Sunday's senatorial elections, Hun Sen should become president of the Senate, number two in the protocol order after the king.

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